June 2012


She’s not there

The curious case of Cate Blanchett

James Murdoch

Murdoch & Company

Rupert is finally reaping what he sowed

James Murdoch

The Protector: Nicola Roxon

Australia’s Attorney-General wants a fair go for all. Will she get one herself?

The Nation Reviewed

A New Opium

The Anzac cult

Clive Palmer

The Fat Man in History

Capitalists in the popular imagination

British monarchy

A Royal Pilgrimage

Queen Elizabeth’s Melbourne Visit

Veni, Vidi, Venus

The transit of Venus

A Case of Rust

The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show

Arts & Letters

The Shire versus Australia

How a new show is creating drama

Memory Palaces

Australia’s budding graphic novel scene


Winning Enemies

Frank Ledwidge’s 'Losing Small Wars', Karen Middleton’s 'An Unwinnable War' and Michael Hasting’s 'The Operators'.

Social media

Sensitive Souls

The troubadour glut