July 2023

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Indigenous rights

A firelight stick on the hill

As momentum builds to this year’s referendum, the man long regarded as the ‘Father of Reconciliation’ reflects on a life fighting for a better Australia

A firelight stick on the hill
The voice and our inauthentic heart

Indigenous Australia

The voice and our inauthentic heart

Racism, the Murdoch media and what success or defeat for the voice to parliament means for the stories we tell

The colour of money

Federal politics

The colour of money

Are the teals, representing some of the nation’s wealthiest electorates, our best hope for addressing inequality?

Whistle while we work

Law and order

Whistle while we work

Exposing criminality at work is a moral act, but with whistleblower laws failing to protect those who speak up, lawyers are seeking novel solutions

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Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Philip Lowe, pictured in front of large graph


The high cost of Lowe inflation

The RBA refuses to hear that interest rates won’t control inflation, and people are suffering as a result

Illustration of suited man directign another suited man to leave

Federal politics

Van damned

The events surrounding Senator David Van’s expulsion to the crossbench show the Liberal Party still has a problem with attitudes towards women

Illustration of people sleeping in camp beds and snoring musical notes, keeping one person awake


Yawn fest

Travelling to Dark Mofo to pursue a good night’s sleep in the company of Max Richter, an orchestra and 350 housemates

Illustration of vendor filling cup to sell drink to customer


Chai standards

Pining for an authentic Indian street-corner chai leads the author to a gastronomic carpark in Geelong

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Detail of Maria Lassnig, ‘Zwei Arten zu sein (Doppelselbstporträt)’, showing two head and shoulder portraits


The female unique: ‘Art Monsters’ and ‘The Other Side’

New books on women’s art from Lauren Elkin and Jennifer Higgie explore the expression of monstrosity and the marginalisation of spiritual experience

Detail of Pierre Bonnard, ‘Coffee’, 1915, oil on canvas, showing woman at table drinking coffee with dog on lap standing front legs on table


Emotional virtue: ‘Pierre Bonnard: Designed by India Mahdavi’ and ‘Rembrandt: True to Life’

Concurrent exhibitions at the NGV survey the intense realism of Rembrandt and the emotional power of colour harnessed by Pierre Bonnard

Image of Melissa Barrera in ‘Carmen’, singing in front of red curtain


Gilded feet have got no rhythm: ‘Carmen’

Paul Mescal and Melissa Barrera’s lack of chemistry exemplifies Benjamin Millepied’s unrestrained Mexico–US border rework of the classic story

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Cover of ‘Wifedom’


Anna Funder’s ‘Wifedom’

Is the story of George Orwell’s mean and selfish treatment of his wife complete without the literary achievements his behaviour permitted?

Cover of ‘Forgotten Warriors’


Sarah Percy’s ‘Forgotten Warriors’

A history of women’s overlooked contributions to wartime combat and the disempowerment delivered under the guise of chivalry

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Flowers being watered

‘You don’t have to like people, only love them’

An observation from Father Bob Maguire – and an antisemitic man in need of charity – taught the author a valuable life lesson