July 2021

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On the chain

A Victorian abattoir dispute shone a light on a system designed to exploit migrant workers’ hopes and ambitions

On the chain
To be free


To be free

The Booker Prize–winning author on the need to write against the dogmas of conformity

Blood lies

Blood lies

An African Australian’s DNA nightmare as faulty science keeps his family separated

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Image of vaccination centre, Melbourne



The disordered national vaccine rollout reveals systemic flaws in our politics

Illustration by Jeff Fisher


Planetary defence

A court ruling that the environment minister owes children a duty of care to prevent climate harm has far-reaching implications

Illustration bu Jeff Fisher


Supply and command

The young captain of HMAS Supply is transforming navy culture

Illustration by Jeff Fisher


Burning questions

A wildlife sanctuary in the Great Sandy Desert is studying how Indigenous fire management can protect biodiversity

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The Vox Owl

The coast road

A daughter’s cross-border journey of memories and grief during the pandemic

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Image of fish traps, Darling River, NSW, 1938


Transforming the national imagination: The ‘Dark Emu’ debate

Peter Sutton and Keryn Walshe’s ‘Farmers or Hunter-gatherers?’ challenges ideas of progress championed by Bruce Pascoe

Still from ‘Nine Days’


Life in isolation: ‘Nine Days’ and ‘Bo Burnham: Inside’

A comedian’s isolated self-examination is more profound than Edson Oda’s confused film about what makes a good life

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Cover of ‘The Five Wounds’


‘The Five Wounds’ by Kirstin Valdez Quade

A young down-and-out man in a New Mexico village seeks transcendence in a ceremonial role as Jesus, in this debut novel

Image of Richard Bell’s ‘Embassy’, 2013


‘Richard Bell: You Can Go Now’

The MCA’s retrospective of the influential activist-artist provides a fluent deconstruction of white supremacy

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How I suffered the mother of all clusterfucks
In light of recent events