July 2020


Weal of fortune

American carnage

American carnage

Donald Trump and the collapse of the Union

The Monthly Essays

American carnage

Donald Trump and the collapse of the Union

The man inside and the inside man

Crime, punishment and indemnities in western Sydney’s gang wars

The Nation Reviewed

Reconciliation and the promise of an Australian homecoming

What would make an acknowledgement of country more welcome

Weal of fortune

Rebuilding the economy means government investment, but not all public spending is equal

Witnessing the unthinkable

New climate modelling suggests planetary crisis is coming much sooner than previously thought

Weathering the cost

After 300 inquiries into natural disasters and emergency management, insurers are taking the lead

Arts & Letters

Fermata: Musical performance in lockdown

What becomes of the communion of classical musicians, composers and audiences during social isolation?

The death of cool: Michel Piccoli, 1925–2020

Re-watching the films of the most successful screen actor of the 20th century

The heat of a moment: Ziggy Ramo’s ‘Black Thoughts’

A debut hip-hop album that calls for a reckoning with Indigenous sovereignty and invites the listener to respond


‘Minor Detail’ by Adania Shibli (trans. Elisabeth Jaquette) The Palestinian author’s haunting novel about an atrocity committed by Israeli soldiers in 1949 By Mireille Juchau

‘The Rain Heron’ by Robbie Arnott An unsettling near-future tale of soldiers hunting a mythic bird by ‘the Tasmanian Wordsworth’ By Helen Elliott

In Light of Recent Events

Drawings of what I think various Real Clickbait Headlines might be about, without actually clicking on them