July 2014



July 2014

Power corrupts

First contact

The destruction of the Triabunna mill and the fall of Tasmania's woodchip industry

How the end of Gunns cleared a new path for Tasmania

The Monthly Essays

Power corrupts

How network companies lined their pockets and drove electricity prices through the roof

The Nation Reviewed

Malcolm Turnbull, the prince of moderation

How the Liberal Party has exiled its last reasonable man

The decline of the ‘Australian’

Talking about the narcissistic national daily only encourages it


What makes a litigant turn vexatious?

Books on wheels

On the road with the librarians who deliver



Remembering “the oldest living transsexual in captivity”



Thinking again about palliative care

Dying with dignity means different things to different people


Arts & Letters

Indonesia on the brink of change

Elizabeth Pisani’s ‘Indonesia Etc.’ and Hamish McDonald’s ‘Demokrasi’

First contact

The secret history of Bangarra Dance Theatre’s ‘Patyegarang’

What the future sounded like

1994 might be one of the best years popular music has ever had

A priest walks into an abattoir

Art and artifice in John Michael McDonagh’s ‘Calvary’


‘Agostino’ by Alberto Moravia New York Review Books; $29.99 By Kevin Rabalais