July 2013

Federal politics

Inside Tony Abbott’s mind

What would an Abbott government look like?


The many careers of Twiggy Forrest

What is the mining mogul’s higher calling?


The death of Fairfax and the end of newspapers

Where is the journalism we need going to come from now?

Federal politics

Sam Dastyari tries to fix the ALP

Is the general of NSW Labor serious about reform?

The Nation Reviewed

National security

NSA surveillance

How the National Security Agency is undermining privacy and sovereignty

Inside Julian Assange’s high-tech lair

An interview with the WikiLeaks Party Senate candidate


Methadone and pho

A day in a drug treatment centre


RM Williams and haute couture

The iconic Australian brand has a new co-owner

After midnight with ‘Psychic TV’

Making contact with the other side


The Vox Owl

Maria versus the Serbs

You don’t want to let your 85-year-old Hungarian best friend down on a trip to church

Arts & Letters

Film & Television

Alex Gibney’s ‘We Steal Secrets: the Story of WikiLeaks’

This documentary’s sympathies are not with Julian Assange

Ellen Willis’s ‘Out of the Vinyl Deeps’

The critic’s collected essays offer a distinctly New York perspective

The unlikely resurrection of ‘Arrested Development’

The deliberately weird comedy series makes a comeback