February 2021

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The scandals he walks past

In Morrison’s government, a lack of accountability has become systemic

The scandals he walks past
The emperor’s new robe


The emperor’s new robe

When four-time mayor Paul Pisasale was jailed for fraud and corruption, ‘Mr Ipswich’ left behind a fractured city ruled for the benefit of developers and mates

Nightclubs, pandemics and our real selves


Nightclubs, pandemics and our real selves

For some in the disabled community, it wasn’t long after COVID hit that the all-in-this-together sentiment started falling apart

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Image of Australian Defence Force Chief Angus Campbell

Federal politics

Australia’s haunted house

The Brereton Report has wounded Scott Morrison’s efforts to make the Australian War Memorial the nation’s ‘most sacred place’

Illustration by Jeff Fisher


A reef history of time

The effort to restore Australia’s once-vast oyster ecosystems

Illustration by Jeff Fisher

Science and technology

Brain waves

Brain–computer interfaces promise communication capabilities for those paralysed by neurological dysfunction

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The Vox Owl

Sikh and ye shall find

The psychedelic origins of a popular yoga blessing

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Image of ‘Queen Elizabeth and Vincent (on country)’, 2018


The paintbrush is a weapon: Vincent Namatjira

The Archibald Prize winner’s politics are less straightforward than the art world might like to think

Still from ‘Australia Remastered’, courtesy ABC


Eye to eye in the wild: ‘Australia Remastered’

The continent’s natural wonders – some now gone forever – are celebrated in a series that uncovers footage from the ABC’s disbanded Natural History Unit

Still from ‘High Ground’


Once upon a time in the north: ‘High Ground’

Stephen Maxwell Johnson’s foray into Australia’s violent colonial history is a visually spectacular, if overfamiliar, revisionist Western

Image of Kylie Minogue, 2019


Stopped back in time: Kylie Minogue’s ‘Disco’

The showbiz trouper delivers another album of spare, efficient pleasure

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Image of ‘Fragile Monsters’


‘Fragile Monsters’ by Catherine Menon

Memories of the Malayan Emergency resurface when a mathematician returns to her home country, in the British author’s debut novel

’Purrukuparli ngirramini’ © Harold Porkilari


‘TIWI’ at the National Gallery of Victoria

A must-see exhibition of Tiwi art from Bathurst and Melville islands, in which historical and contemporary media and imagery fuse

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In light of recent events