February 2017

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Arrested development

James Packer has been down, but he’s not out

Arrested development
Image of a restaurant


The new black

The overworked, underpaid, cash-in-hand worker is becoming increasingly common

Image of Julie Bishop


The character business

What does the deluge of political biography and memoir say about politicians and readers?

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International politics

Relying on Trump

Australia needs to rethink its approach to regional security


State politics

A big dump

Why is the South Australian government so enthused about a nuclear waste dump?



The new opium wars

The links between Australia’s poppy industry and opioid addiction crisis


Family and relationships

Not-church on time

The Weekly Service offers a different kind of communion



Back from the dead

One dedicated bird watcher devoted years to the elusive night parrot

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The Vox Owl

The science question and feminism

STEM is the future, and women need to be part of it

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Image of Helen Tufts and Helena Born


Climax isn’t the point

Emily Witt’s ‘Future Sex’ and Sheila Rowbotham’s ‘Rebel Crossings’ approach the concept of free love from different perspectives

Image of the Pilbara, Western Australia.


This storied land

Mark McKenna’s ‘From the Edge’ tells four fascinating stories of Aboriginal and settler interaction through the history of place

Still from Toni Erdmann

A German comedy?

Maren Ade’s ‘Toni Erdmann’ is one of the most misread movies of the year

Image of Bruce Springsteen


Who’s the boss now?

Bruce Springsteen is the consummate live performer

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Cover of Transit


‘Transit’ by Rachel Cusk

Jonathan Cape; $32.99

Cover of The Undoing Project
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The simple act of drawing a pot plant
In light of recent events