August 2023

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PwC and a question of character

How a culture of outsourcing created a shadow public service and captured government

PwC and a question of character
Staying white

Indigenous Australia

Staying white

Why do some people with Aboriginal ancestry choose not to identify as Indigenous, even when First Nations communities are welcoming?

Brute Reserve: The wrong time to restrict the influence of the RBA


Brute Reserve: The wrong time to restrict the influence of the RBA

As central banks around the world assume greater responsibility for economic policy settings, especially in the face of climate change pressures, the RBA is being reduced to an inflation-buster

Power and the glory: The ‘Forgiveness Cross’

Religion and ethics

Power and the glory: The ‘Forgiveness Cross’

The unveiling of an illuminated Christian monument near the remote community of Haasts Bluff, west of Alice Springs

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Rhys Cauzzo, 2016


Robodebt’s awful cost

The mother of robodebt victim Rhys Cauzzo on hopes the royal commission may offer the beginnings of justice

Illustration by Jeff Fisher

Issues and policies

A modest proposal for submarine money

AUKUS is the gold standard of a major reform being implemented without sufficient detail – or a referendum

Illustration by Jeff Fisher


Kelp is on its way

Heat-resistant strains of giant kelp are being planted around the Tasman Peninsula in a bid to restore the once great marine forests devastated by climate change

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Untitled, 1990, oil pastel on paper


Blank stare: The drawings of Elizabeth Newman

The minimalist works of this Melbourne-based artist derive from her pursuit of the most authentic and primitive expression

Lily LaTorre in ‘Run Rabbit Run’


Terror Australis: The rise of Australian horror

Horror’s low budgets and broad church have seen a group of local filmmakers gain Hollywood’s attention

Teo Yoo and Greta Lee in ‘Past Lives’


Close encounters of the shared kind: ‘Past Lives’

Korean debut filmmaker Celine Song’s elegant three-part love story embraces the Buddhist idea of encounters over many incarnations

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Cover of ‘Sleepless: A Memoir of Insomnia’


Marie Darrieussecq’s ‘Sleepless’

Subtitled ‘A Memoir of Insomnia’, the French author’s latest has her contemplating bedtime rituals, sedation and ‘four-in-the-morning literature’

Cover of ‘Migrations from Memory’


Aaron Peters and Stuart Vokes’ ‘Migrations from Memory’

A slender and witty volume from Brisbane architects presents ways to combat the city’s supersized houses and disconnection from the streets

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Flowers being watered

‘You never know who you might meet’

A piece of motherly prompting, at first dismissed but later embraced, helped in the author’s life and her writing