August 2013

Gerehu Market, Port Moresby. © Ness Kerton / AAP

Federal politics

On the road with Julia Gillard

Sketches of a prime minister in her final months

Wilfred Burchett in Vietnam, c.1965. © The Wilfred Burchett Estate


Wilfred Burchett and the KGB

The legendary war correspondent was in the pay of the KGB

Tim Minchin in rehearsals at the Sydney Theatre company. © Lisa Tomasetti


Tim Minchin plays it straight

The musical funnyman returns home

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In praise of Tony Windsor

Federal politics

In praise of Tony Windsor

Fan mail for the former MP

Changing prime ministers

Federal politics

Changing prime ministers

What Kevin Rudd could learn from Julia Gillard about leadership

 Rudd’s comeback and Murdoch’s counterattack
Fracking and food security

Federal politics

Fracking and food security

The Greens chase the farming vote

Censorship, sex and scandal in Singapore

International politics

Censorship, sex and scandal in Singapore

For the city-state’s academics, freedom of speech is a sensitive subject

Our septuagenarian cricketers


Our septuagenarian cricketers

It’s never too late to wear the baggy green

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© Astrid Dalum


Karl Ove Knausgaard’s ‘My Struggle’

The Norwegian author delivers autobiography as Scandi noir

Kim Carr at Mt Stromlo Observatory in 2011. © Allan Porritt / AAP


Books on the future of the ALP

It’s time to read about the “true believers”

© David Fitzgerald


Iggy Azalea and hip-hop’s bikini wasteland

Can the Australian-born rapper shake off the stereotypes?

Stories We Tell’s Sarah Polley

‘Stories We Tell’, ‘Frances Ha’ and ‘Upstream Colour’

New films from Sarah Polley, Noah Baumbach and Shane Carruth

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‘The Night Guest’ by Fiona McFarlane
‘The Roots of Terrorism in Indonesia’ by Solahudin
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Peter Cook & John Clarke