April 2021



April 2021

Dangerous precedents

Plight of the platypus

Up the river

Dining on disaster

What goes into the Tasmanian salmon on your plate. Essay by Richard Flanagan. Documentary by Justin Kurzel and Conor Castles-Lynch.

The Monthly Essays

The worst form of defence

New revelations of Australian war crimes in Afghanistan

Up the river

Hope is running dry in the Murray–Darling Basin

The Nation Reviewed

Dangerous precedents

Criminal law is not the only legal avenue to consider Christian Porter’s accountability and his future

Plight of the platypus

Extreme weather events are affecting this monotreme in unforeseen ways

Green house effect

Joost Bakker’s vision for sustainable housing is taking root

Arts & Letters

The death of Yokununna: ‘Return to Uluru’

Mark McKenna explores Australia’s history of violence, dispossession and deception through one tragic incident

The lightness of unbearable being: ‘Double Blind’

Edward St Aubyn tackles familiar themes – desire, drug use, psychoanalysis – via a fresh suite of characters

Amorality tale: ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’

Told from an unexpected perspective, Shaka King’s film is one of the best recent-historical dramas

Girls don’t cry: Arlo Parks and Phoebe Bridgers

Two young musicians spark the old double standard of judging female artists who demonstrate their pain


‘On the Line’ by Joseph Ponthus Poetry is found in the processing plants of Brittany By Stephanie Bishop

‘Clarice Beckett: The Present Moment’ This AGSA exhibition goes a long way to redress an Australian artist’s meagre reputation By Miriam Cosic

Tasmania’s toxic secret The rotting underbelly of the salmon industry. Essay by Richard Flanagan. Documentary by Justin Kurzel and Conor Castles-Lynch. By Richard Flanagan, Justin Kurzel and Conor Castles-Lynch

In Light of Recent Events

You don’t have to be a federal MP to master the non-answer