April 2014


April 2014

Last train to murder

Perth goes boom

The Royal Australian Navy's struggle for our hearts and minds

The time of the modern mariner

The Monthly Essays

Last train to murder

One terrible night on the Newcastle line

Perth goes boom

A week among the arts in the City of Light

The Nation Reviewed

The triumphalism of Tony Abbott

The Liberals' winner-takes-all political payback

Oil, gas and spy games in the Timor Sea

Australian scheming for the Greater Sunrise oilfield has a long history

How a Vietnamese veteran found refuge in Australia

Al Hoang’s journey from soldier to prisoner to boat person to a second life

Where there’s smoke

How the Morwell coal mine fire has made unlikely allies


A funny thing happened on the way to Adelaide

A car accident brings an unlikely collection of people together



The trouble with miracle cures

Can antibiotics really cure back pain?


Arts & Letters

Karl Ove Knausgaard’s ‘Boyhood Island’

The third volume of the epic autobiographical novel ‘My Struggle’

Sally Seltmann’s ‘Hey Daydreamer’

The fourth solo album from the Sydney singer-songwriter

Lars von Trier’s ‘Nymphomaniac’

A joyless, sterile effort from the Danish provocateur


‘True Detective’ HBO / Foxtel Showcase By Anwen Crawford


John Howard & Uri Geller