April 2012

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One morning with Malcolm Turnbull

On life in politics

One morning with Malcolm Turnbull
Jose Ramos-Horta with school students in Ermera, Timor-Leste, March 2012. © Beawitharta/Reuters

Malcolm Fraser

Autumn of the Patriarch

Four Days with José Ramos-Horta

Scene from a public school, circa 1978. © Newspix/News Limited


Across the Great Divide

Public versus Private Schools

JB East's 1834 portrait of Billy Blue. Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW.

A Ferry into the Past

The Story of Billy Blue

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Clive Palmer, entrepreneur. © Glenn Hunt/Fairfax Syndication


Comment: Blessed are the Wealth-makers

Entrepreneur – isn’t that a lovely word? You know, entrepreneur – we want entrepreneurs. — George W Bush, 2004

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.

Liberal Party

Once Were Warriors

Forgotten People, Elites and Class Warfare

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.

Rupert Murdoch

Rockin’ Rupert

Murdoch’s Tweets of Doom

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.

The Big Tumbleweed

The Docklands and the Broken Wheel

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.


A Romantic B&B

The Bourbon & Beefsteak in Kings Cross

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.

All Frocked Up

Grace Kelly’s Gowns in Bendigo

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Frieda Keysser and Carl Strehlow, May 1986. Courtesy of John Strehlow


On a Mission

John Strehlow’s 'The Tale of Frieda Keysser'

"Oh my": Twilight's Bella Swan, pre-fan fiction. © Summit Entertainment


Randy House

EL James’ 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

Daniel Crooks, 'Static No.12 (seek stillness in movement)', 2009–10, exhibited as part of 'Marking Time' at the MCA. Courtesy of the artist


Sydney Gets a Laneway

The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

The Aztecs' album 'More Arse than Class', 1974. © Aztec Music


That Blockhead Thing

Aztec Music’s Archaelogical Dig

A Port for the Soul

A Port for the Soul

Aki Kaurismäki’s 'Le Havre'

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'The Hanging Garden' by Patrick White 
(afterword by David Marr), Knopf Australia; $29.95
'Life in Movement' by Bryan Mason and Sophie Hyde 
in national release, 12 April
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Words: Shane Maloney | Illustration: Chris Grosz