The Republic

In the November Monthly, Tim Soutphommasane (‘Comment: The New Republic’) attempted to broaden the standard republican argument to include the adoption of a charter of rights and reconciliation with Indigenous Australians. However, the case for a republic boils down to one simple question: Do we want an Australian as our head of state? The answer should be ‘yes’. Barack Obama has proven that any American, regardless of race, gender or creed can become president. Yet in Australia, no citizen, however distinguished, can hope to fill the highest role in their own land. Elizabeth II may well be a worthy and dedicated woman, but if her mother had given birth to a son, she would not now be on the throne. Also, it goes without saying that no Catholic could ever fill the job. The English monarchy is marred by both sexual and religious discrimination. It just doesn’t make sense to cling to such an outmoded system.

Valda Marshal
Greenwich, NSW