Australian politics, society & culture

April 2017

Women's rightful places
Cover of Fever Dream
Trans. Megan McDowell; Oneworld; $19.99
Image of George Michael
On George Michael, race and pop
Still from Atlanta
There’s some bite to Donald Glover’s languid, lyrical comedy series ‘Atlanta’
Image of Jessa Crispin
Jessa Crispin’s ‘Why I Am Not a Feminist’ demands a dismantling of mainstream feminism … and the system itself
Image by Bill Henson
Bill Henson exhibits recent photographic work at the National Gallery of Victoria
Image of Pichet Klunchun’s Dancing with Death
The Asia TOPA festival is unique for its focus on contemporary Asian culture
The prospect of 12 hours in Singapore airport gives rise to an existential crisis
A farming family and Indigenous elders join forces to recognise a special site on private land
Image of a loading icon
What will be the cost of a patchwork NBN?
Image of Pauline Hanson
The Australian right is startling for its incoherence
A stint in a remote Western Australian hospital brings its own challenges
The only player analysis you’ll need this footy season
Under-the-sea society is much more complex than we imagine
Farmers on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula are preparing for a plague
Russian piano superstar Daniil Trifonov teaches a masterclass in Melbourne
The Australia of Pauline Hanson’s second parliamentary term looks very different to the Australia of her first