May 2018

by Helen Elliott

‘A Sand Archive’ by Gregory Day
Day grasps landscape as an intimate living thing

Helen Elliott
Helen Elliott is a literary journalist and writer.

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May 2018

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Why Adani won’t die

The Carmichael coalmine is as much about symbols and interests as it is about jobs and money

Still from Unsane

Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Unsane’

The prolific director hits his own limits with this experiment in technology


Our waste policy is rubbish

Has Australia’s ad-hoc approach to waste management backfired?


Salvaging ANU’s sodden books

How and why did the Chifley Library flood?

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Image of ‘Ironbark’

Jay Carmichael’s debut novel, ‘Ironbark’

A poetic account of adolescent alienation and masculinity in rural Australia

Image from ‘Cold War’

Cannes Film Festival 2018

An ever-so-slightly off-key event

Image of Treasurer Scott Morrison delivering 2018 budget

What’s in a name?

From Pig Iron Bob to Unbelieva-Bill: the trouble with nicknames in politics

Image from ‘The Alienist’ on Netflix

‘The Alienist’: a gripping but imperfect thriller

Forensic psychology powers this lavish series, but is one of its less interesting features