Country needs people

Mapping and minding shared lands

Image of Yarrkalpa – Hunting Ground, Parnngurr Area, 2013

Yarrkalpa – Hunting Ground, Parnngurr Area, 2013, Kumpaya Girgirba, Yikartu Bumba, Ngamaru Bidu, Nancy Taylor Karnu, Janice Nixon Yuwali, Reena Rogers, Thelma Judson and Nola Taylor, 300 x 500 cm, acrylic on linen. Photograph courtesy of the artists, Martumili Artists and the National Museum of Australia. Photograph by Jason McCarthy.

About the author Kim Mahood

Kim Mahood is the author of Craft for a Dry Lake, Position Doubtful and the essay ‘Kartiya Are Like Toyotas: White Workers on Australia’s Cultural Frontier’.