John F Simmons, September 2015

I suspect that the training regime Karen Hitchcock (July) described is the same in many workplaces. Except for the first paragraph, I can relate to all of it. I have known all the characters she mentioned, and at various times in my career I have been some of them. I have been rescued and I have rescued. I am a retired marine engineer, naval architect and marine consultant. Although the workplaces could hardly be more different, danger is just as present in the guts of a ship as it is in a hospital. The engineers (surgeons) are the ones most likely to be the first injured or killed if someone makes a serious mistake. I have been involved in some potentially deadly incidents and have personally known two engineers who were killed. And the point is, in workplaces where the potential for maiming or life-threatening situations is ever present, polite training is unlikely to cut it. Harassment (sexual or otherwise) is never acceptable, but robust training should be expected.

John F Simmons
Kambah, ACT