Nina Gibb, August 2015

Shane Danielsen (June) mentions the “emasculation” of Tom Hardy’s Mad Max character in Mad Max: Fury Road. If a virtually silent and hyper-macho maniac having a rapport with an insanely tough one-armed rebel and bandit is emasculation, I think I must be missing something. For all the stupid hype about the gender politics of Fury Road, it didn’t really have much to offer in the way of feminism: all the female characters were either indentured prostitutes, cartoons of “mothers” carrying the seed of the world around in little leather bags, or slaves – excellent and hot (or leathery) though the harem, mothers and slaves may be. There wasn’t any emasculation in the latest Mad Max, there was only a woman shooting a gun and treating her co-star like a compadre, and it’s not a feminist movie, it just has women in it. That it should be so shocking that an action film might nearly achieve gender balance … there’s the start of the issue.

Nina Gibb

St Kilda, VIC