Geoff Davies, April 2015

Rachel Nolan (March) inadvertently summarised much of what’s wrong with modern Labor. She wrote, “Labor is a centrist party committed to creating prosperity through the growth of a market economy and to redistributing the fruits of that prosperity to social services and, increasingly, to protect the environment.” So Labor aspires only to be passively centrist, and has no interest in leading where we need to go. The economy is primary, social services are secondary, and the environment, still, is almost an afterthought. The lightly regulated market economy increases inequality and discord, and these are only compensated for, inefficiently and ineffectually, after the fact, by “redistribution”.

Such policies undermine most things Labor used to stand for, and Labor is oblivious to the dramatic new challenges we face. Also ignored are the counter-productive military adventures in the Middle East and their flow-on: the “border protection” policy, terrorism and the destruction of our civil liberties.

Geoff Davies
Braidwood, NSW