Ian Nowak, March 2014

I was delighted to see that Judith Brett (February) distinguished between the terms “climate change” and “global warming” and the terms “climate” and “weather”. It is only really the degree of anthropogenic contribution to global warming that is in dispute.

It is notable that the most vocal deniers come almost exclusively from the conservative Right and include vested interests in the dirtier forms of energy production. And their views are thriving, unquestioned, because of an understandably popular fear of any change to the way we live. 

One of the few times I found myself agreeing with Rupert Murdoch was some years ago when he maintained that even if there was a remote possibility of significant anthropogenic warming, society should look to seriously researching, and phasing in, renewable energy sources. But then, Mr Murdoch is a media, not a mining, magnate.

Ian Nowak
Subiaco, WA