Monique Hohnberg, December 2013 January 2014

I found James Button’s depiction of women’s team sport (November) covered in rose petals and minus the necessary spikes. The ambulance was called three times a season, on average, to our hockey matches when I was a teenage girl in the ’80s. And grudge matches happened, particularly with the Aboriginal teams from western New South Wales who, quite rightly, wanted a go at us white girls. My sister and her friends played netball, and I also remember some of the physical bitchiness that went on in those games.

I’m glad girls are moving to soccer: much safer than the sticks and hockey balls that could and did slam into heads, shoulders, shins, etc. Yes, we were girly, hugging and co-operative – but all teams were determined to win.

Monique Hohnberg
Coogee, NSW