December 2010 - January 2011

Women celebrates the Eid al-Adha festival at Lakemba Mosque, 2003. © Ben Rushton / Fairfax
Protestors march in Hong Kong in support of Liu Xiaobo, January 2010. © Tyrone Siu / Reuters
Kate Jennings and Dare in the channels at Hanwood. Image courtesy of the author.
The ruins of the Roman colonnade at Apamea, Syria, 2010. Courtesy of the author.
Cowboys on Boxing Day, 1958. © George Lipman / Fairfax
An illustration of the first-class swimming pool on the 'Oriana', by Kenneth Browne. © Stapleton Collection / Corbis
The Gaza Strips
Pablo Neruda's collection of bottle ships at his house in Isla Negra, Chile. © Magnum Photos / Snapper Media
'Photograph #03' from Marco Fusinato's 'Sun Series'. Courtesy of the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne.

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Raising the flag at Cronulla beach, 2005. © Cameron Spence / Getty Images
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.

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A girl screams for Normie Rowe at his 1967 concert; 500 girls were treated for hysteria during or after the concert. © Summer / Fairfax



The glory and the madness of being a ’60s and ’70s Australian pop singer

David Walsh at the MONA site, 2010. © Museum of Old and New Art


High priest

David Walsh and Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art

John Howard and his wife Janette wave to the audience at the launch of the Liberal Party's doomed election campaign, Brisbane, 12 November 2007. © William West / AFP / Getty Images


Man of Wood

Robert Manne on John Howard’s ‘Lazarus Rising’

Shamans at a funeral ceremony, Ivory Coast. © Fulvio Roiter / Corbis

Religion and ethics

Magical thinking

Aravind Adiga on VS Naipaul’s ‘The Masque of Africa’

Failure to communicate


Failure to communicate

Tom Hooper’s ‘The King’s Speech’ and Derek Cianfrance’s ‘Blue Valentine’

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'Hand Me Down World' By Lloyd Jones,Text, 352pp; $32.95
'Monsoon: The Indian Ocean and the Battle for Supremacy in the 21st Century' By Robert D Kaplan, Black Inc., 384pp; $34.95
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Illustration: Chris Grosz