December 2005 - January 2006

Mr. Huge

Alan Woods and his amazing computer. A nags-to-riches-story

How many sleeps?

Nothing prepares a parent for the day their partner does a runner and takes the children

The 2005 Chutzpah Awards

By any previous standards, 2005 has been a bumper year for unmitigated gall, sheer effrontery and shameless audacity. Veteran practitioners continued to amaze us with their utter brass while fresh new talent shirt-fronted its way to notoriety. From the pinnacles of power to the sloughs of despond, the entire world found itself awash with barefaced cheek. Nobody was immune from its temptations. Here in Australia, it even got to the point where some jumped-up property developer with a sideline in publishing thought he could launch a successful national magazine.In keeping with the spirit of the times, The Monthly has decided to salute those cocky bastards whose moxie inspired us throughout the year. In their honour, we are pleased to introduce the first annual Chutzpah Awards.

Lilypad of the Arafura

Australia's last frontier society is long gone. So what's next for the city of Darwin?

Feeling frisky

Everywhere is anywhere when you travel these days, whether it's invasions or gardening shows.

The Nation Reviewed

Arts & Letters

Together apart

Eavesdropping on Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir

Betrayals of faith

The writings of Alex Miller

The dog days of Ray

What’s a hard-working TV legend supposed to do when his fans stop watching him?

Show me the horror

Directors, producers and the importance of unsubtlety

Nihilistic ear-worms

Franz Ferdinand, the band that changed the rock song