‘Barbara and the Camp Dogs’: politics and heart in the pub. Image from Barbara and the Camp Dogs

‘Barbara and the Camp Dogs’: politics and heart in the pub

Part cracking musical, part Indigenous family drama, Belvoir’s latest production deserves to go far
Fiona McGregor
Hal Hattam: redefining the Australian beach scene. “Back Beach, Robe”, oil on canvas

Hal Hattam: redefining the Australian beach scene

An exhibition showcases a painter who took an untrodden path though a familiar landscape
Sophie Cunningham

The unclear future of ‘Transparent’

Has Jeffrey Tambor given the groundbreaking series its most definitive ending?
Craig Mathieson

Peter Wohlleben’s ‘The Inner Life of Animals’: animals have feelings too

The author of ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ argues that animals experience emotions like we do
Jessica Au

2023: A Trilogy

The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu (aka the KLF) redefine the book launch
Jenny Valentish

Anthony Bourdain, the anti-foodie foodie

The so-called bad-boy celebrity chef has always offered a smarter take – and now we’re beginning to notice
Matthew Clayfield

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  1. Arts & Letters / Art
    A space of one’s own
    Histories personal and national inform Helen Johnson’s large-scale canvases
    Quentin Sprague
    A space of one’s own. Detail of Helen Johnson, A Feast of Reason and a Flow of Soul, 2016, acrylic on canvas, velcro, 330 x 310 cm


‘City of Crows’ by Chris Womersley. Cover of City of Crows
‘City of Crows’ by Chris Womersley
Picador; $32.99
Helen Elliott
‘The Sparsholt Affair’ by Alan Hollinghurst
Picador; $32.99
Stephanie Bishop
The shape of a generous mind. Image of Oliver Sacks
Arts & Letters / Books
The shape of a generous mind
Oliver Sacks’ brilliant ideas echo on through ‘The River of Consciousness’
Kate Cole-Adams
Don’t believe the hype. Cover of Radical Technologies
Arts & Letters / Books
Don’t believe the hype
Adam Greenfield’s ‘Radical Technologies’ is an essential guide to the tech revolution
Scott Ludlam


The possible future. Image of Björk
Arts & Letters / Music
The possible future
Björk moves towards renewal on ‘Utopia’
Anwen Crawford
Drakeworld. Image of Drake
Arts & Letters / Music
The exhausting omnipotence of Drake
Anwen Crawford
The Monthly music wrap: October 2017. Image of Tetsuya Umeda
The Monthly music wrap: October 2017
The intriguing Tetsuya Umeda, a marriage-equality mixtape, new releases from raven and Kelela, and Burial’s ‘Untrue’ ten years on
Anwen Crawford
Amy Winehouse, behind the beehive. Image of Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse, behind the beehive
An exhibition at the Jewish Museum of Australia pieces together missing components of the late singer’s identity
Jenny Valentish


The perfection of youth. Still from Call Me By Your Name
Arts & Letters / Film
The perfection of youth
Luca Guadagnino’s ‘Call Me By Your Name’ is a passionate, positive tale of first love
Luke Davies
Uneasy appeasement in Yorgos Lanthimos’ ‘The Killing of a Sacred Deer’
The director of ‘The Lobster’ can’t quite pull off this high-concept dance between the grandiose and the grotesque
Luke Goodsell
The art of the hustle in the Safdie Brothers’ ‘Good Time’
The lo-fi New Yorkers take on a Robert Pattinson–starring genre thriller
Harry Windsor
The hope of redemption in ‘Who We Are Now’
Matthew Newton’s latest film is – appropriately – a story about facing up to the past
Shane Danielsen


Hyper Real. Image of Tony Matelli, Josh (2010)
Hyper Real
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, until 18 February 2018
Miriam Cosic
Arresting time. Image of Gerhard Richter, September (Ed
Arts & Letters / Art
Arresting time
Gerhard Richter’s GOMA exhibition finds beauty in banality, meaning in the arbitrary
Sebastian Smee
Reflection on a reflection in Jenny Watson’s ‘The Fabric of Fantasy’ . Jenny Watson, Self Portrait as a Narcotic (1989)
Reflection on a reflection in Jenny Watson’s ‘The Fabric of Fantasy’
This retrospective raises questions about how consciousness affects memory and experience
Kali Myers
Strength in numbers at Neon Parc. Image of installation view of Mira Gojak / Elizabeth Newman at Neon Parc
Strength in numbers at Neon Parc
‘Mira Gojak / Elizabeth Newman’ illustrates the possibilities for curated shows in commercial galleries
Quentin Sprague


Liveworks in review: ambitious, engrossing. Justin Shoulder, Carrion
Liveworks in review: ambitious, engrossing
The annual festival of experimental art energised Sydney’s Carriageworks over ten days
Fiona McGregor
‘The Second Woman’: a triumph of endurance theatre
Nat Randall plays a five-minute scene of attempted reconciliation – with 100 different men over 24 hours
Fiona McGregor
The strange magic of ‘Rhetorical Chorus’. Image of Rhetorical Chorus
The strange magic of ‘Rhetorical Chorus’
Agatha Gothe-Snape’s performance work interrogates and celebrates one of the great conceptual artists
Fiona McGregor
Painting the picture. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
Painting the picture
Audio describers bring theatre to life for the vision impaired
Paul Connolly


‘Bennelong’ by Bangarra Dance Theatre. Beau Dean Riley Smith in Bangarra Dance Theatre’s Bennelong
‘Bennelong’ by Bangarra Dance Theatre
Sydney Opera House (touring Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne)
Fiona McGregor
The Nation Reviewed
Destiny’s children
Body Electric’s jazz ballet for adults
Nikki Lusk
The best of Australian arts 2014. Tammy Wynette (2014) by Linda Marrinon
The best of Australian arts 2014
Critics give their picks for the year’s top ten
The Monthly
First contact. Jasmin Sheppard as Patyegarang
Arts & Letters / Theatre
First contact
The secret history of Bangarra Dance Theatre’s ‘Patyegarang’
Steve Dow


This is not an opera house. Image of the Sydney Opera House
The Monthly Essays
This is not an opera house
Beautiful on the outside … the tragedy of Bennelong Point
Darryn King
SOS. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
Brutalist masterpiece or harbour eyesore? Sydney’s Sirius building faces an uncertain future
David Neustein
Murcutt’s mosque. Roof detail of the Australian Islamic Centre
Arts & Letters / Architecture
Murcutt’s mosque
The Australian Islamic Centre is notable for what it isn’t as much as for what it is
David Neustein
The Nation Reviewed
Compressed contemporary
Durbach Block Jaggers is a practice in argument
Erik Jensen


Straight outta Narrandera. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
Straight outta Narrandera
Victoria Lee takes on the Victoria’s Secret runway
Darryn King
The artisan. Tanel Bedrossiantz, in a dress from the Jean Paul Gaultier Barbès collection, ready-to-wear, Autumn–Winter 1984–85
Arts & Letters / Fashion
The artisan
‘The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier’ at the National Gallery of Victoria
Karen de Perthuis
‘Modern Love: Fashion visionaries from the FIDM Museum LA’ . Sarah Caplan’s World Trade Center dress
Arts & Letters / Fashion
‘Modern Love: Fashion visionaries from the FIDM Museum LA’
At the Bendigo Art Gallery
Karen de Perthuis
The Nation Reviewed
RM Williams and haute couture
Karen de Perthuis


Arts & Letters / Story
Unfinished business: A short story
Can a young wartime couple pick up where they left off?
Anna Goldsworthy
‘Clade’ by James Bradley
Hamish Hamilton; $32.99
Michael Lucy
Josephine Rowe
The pencil and the damage done. Self-portrait with Easel and Mirror (1646), by Johannes Gumpp
Arts & Letters / Books
The pencil and the damage done
The perverse attraction of autobiographical fiction
Ceridwen Dovey


Arts & Letters / Poetry
Late styles
Clive James’ ‘Sentenced to Life’ and Les Murray’s ‘Waiting for the Past’
Justin Clemens
Majesty and burning. The young Dylan Thomas
Arts & Letters / Books
Majesty and burning
A century of Dylan Thomas
Kevin Rabalais
Wild Pilgrim. Ko Un, with his books
Arts & Letters / Poetry
Wild Pilgrim
Meeting Ko Un
Barry Hill
'Radar' by Kevin Brophy and Nathan Curnow. 'Radar' by Kevin Brophy and Nathan Curnow, Walleah Press; $25
'Radar' by Kevin Brophy and Nathan Curnow
Geoff Lemon