Photo: Timothy Allen
‘Mapping Our World’ at the National Library of Australia
By Claire Corbett
© Bazmark Film III Pty Limited
After Gatsby
By Luke Davies
A journey through north-western NSW with Ivan Sen
By Peter Robb
An illustration of the first-class swimming pool on the 'Oriana', by Kenneth Browne. © Stapleton Collection / Corbis
By MJ Hyland
Tony Abbott. © MystifyMe/Flickr
On Tony Abbott
By Louis Nowra
An interview with Geoffrey Rush
By Peter Craven
It's a long time now since theatre-goers in this country first became aware that Geoffrey Rush was a major actor. There was the spidery intensity of his role in Diary of a Madman and his very different Astrov in Uncle Vanya. This was an Australian...
Cover: October 2006
By Kevin Rudd