Best music reads of 2016

The party goes on

Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’ bemuses but rewards

Eight-hour lullaby

Max Richter brings his nocturnal odyssey ‘Sleep’ to the Sydney Opera House

Stuck in a moment

The Avalanches’ ‘Wildflower’ isn’t the comeback we needed

The reckoning

Beyoncé’s powerful ‘Lemonade’

In distress

Beautiful suffering in PJ Harvey’s ‘The Hope Six Demolition Project’ and Anohni’s ‘Hopelessness’

Songs for the 3 am

Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’ and Future’s ‘EVOL’

Purple night

Prince at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, 21 February 2016

One of the great Australian albums

The Triffids’ ‘Born Sandy Devotional’ 30 years on