15 years of The Monthly

15 years of The Monthly LATEST

A selection of great essays from The Monthly archives – one for each day of May – in celebration of our 15th birthday. 


Living hell

Caught up in the chaos of the catastrophic bushfires on the NSW South Coast, the author experienced the terror of those whose homes and loved ones are threatened, as the failures of leadership became all too real

Stasiland now

Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the author of ‘Stasiland’ reveals the ongoing power of the former East German regime, not just in politics and business but also in shaping perceptions of victimhood in unified Germany

The war on Malcolm

Behind the scenes of an overthrow

The retrial of David Eastman

AFP officer Colin Winchester was gunned down 30 years ago, and yet another twist in the case only just played out

Looking for Scott Morrison

The rise, duck and weave of Australia’s no-fault prime minister

The end of the oceans

The world’s oceans and all marine life are on the brink of total collapse

Hotel Golf

Helen Garner on life, anger and judgement

Dutton’s dark victory

The minister, Pezzullo and the demise of Immigration


The Turnbull government has burned the bridge of bipartisanship

To walk in two worlds

The Uluru Statement is a clear and urgent call for reform