An irresistible collection of columns from a master storyteller
By Kevin Rabalais on the
The asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru cannot wait for a medium-term solution
By Robert Manne on the
Kelly Reichardt’s latest film is another quiet triumph
By Anwen Crawford on the
Oil, money, murder and the birth of the FBI
By Elle Hardy on the
John Coates’ 27-year AOC tenure must end before real change can take place
By Mungo MacCallum on the
Australia must work towards a medium-term solution
By Klaus Neumann, Anne McNevin, Antje Missbach, Damir Mitric and Savitri Taylor on the
By Nick Feik on the
“Malcolm Turnbull, approaching two years in the job, has seemingly utterly failed to find favour with the Australian public,” writes Laura Tingle in her essay this month. “His major crimes? He isn’t who we thought he was. He runs a do-nothing government. It is a shambles.” Commonly, political commentators have...
An extract from ‘Utopia for Realists’ by Rutger Bregman
By Rutger Bregman on the
‘Joan’, created by Kate Davis and Emma Valente, is sensory, shapeshifting theatre at its very best
By Alison Croggon on the
Why the TV adaptation of Liane Moriarty’s novel is not trashy soap but compelling drama
By Claire Corbett on the
The government is more concerned about opinion polls than solving real problems
By Mungo MacCallum on the
The government's move on 457 visas is proof that John Howard’s short-termism is here to stay
By Nick Dyrenfurth on the
‘Berlin Syndrome’ and the naivety of the tourist–artist
By Luke Goodsell on the
The collected wisdom of Patrick Pound and Brook Andrew at NGV
By Quentin Sprague on the
With his new album, ‘Damn’, Kendrick Lamar cements his status as the world’s reigning hip-hop artist
By Anwen Crawford on the
An extract from the Stella Prize–winning novel
By Heather Rose on the
Turnbull’s trip to India produced very little except another PR boost for the Adani mine
By Mungo MacCallum on the
Too many Liberal ministers have an uncritical nostalgia for the Howard years
By Nick Dyrenfurth on the