Turnbull isn’t the only Liberal avoiding mathematical reality
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Art Gallery of NSW celebrates the work of iconic Indigenous photographer Mervyn Bishop
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Does the playful transgression of Caryl Churchill’s ‘Cloud Nine’ still have the capacity to shock?
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‘Lady Macbeth’ is a cold and confronting take on the period drama
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‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is a modern lesson in repression but ignores wider, more complex issues
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State Theatre Company South Australia updates Henrik Ibsen’s ‘A Doll’s House’ for contemporary Australia
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Turnbull cannot ignore Abbott and hope the problem magically disappears
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Can a show like ‘You Can’t Ask That’ make us a more decent society?
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Briohny Doyle’s ‘Adult Fantasy’ looks at the increasingly blurred definition of adulthood in the 21st century
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Robert Dessaix’s ‘The Pleasures of Leisure’ is a 21st-century defence of idleness
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On Cory Taylor and her classic novel
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Is the factional infighting just growing pains or symptomatic of an identity crisis?
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Image of Lorde
The return of Lorde, Frank Ocean and Radiohead live in Denmark, ‘OK Computer’ at 20, and more
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By Nick Feik on the
The Indigenous community spoke as one at the recent Uluru constitutional convention. “It was decisive and left no doubt about what people wanted,” writes Megan Davis in this month’s issue. It also brought “clarity and coherence to a discursive process that has rambled on for ten years”. There were some scurrilous...
Álvaro Enrigue’s ‘Sudden Death’ and the nonfiction future of fiction
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With each season, ‘Better Call Saul’ feels more like a corrective to ‘Breaking Bad’
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Director Bong Joon-ho on ‘Okja’, Netflix and the new cinema model
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Malthouse Theatre’s ‘Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.’ is an exciting but nihilistic condemnation of how contemporary feminism has been derailed
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