From Julian Barnes to Hannah Kent, authors on the role music plays in their writing
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Margot Robbie brings the nuance, while director Craig Gillespie plays it for laughs
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Punters may be disappointed by what it uncovers
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Image from ‘Molly’s Game’
The screenwriter leaves nothing unexplained in his directorial debut
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An image from Mofo 2018
A particularly genteel and suitably confusing festival
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Image of James Turrell's 'Beside Myself'
The Hobart museum’s new wing will mess with your senses, in the most wonderful way
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Australia Day honours are at odds with our democratic ideals
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Australia’s republican past and future: a Benjamin T. Jones book extract
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The Horse Trotted Another Couple of Metres, Then It Stopped
The German artist transforms Carriageworks
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Still from The Commuter
Having conquered planes and automobiles, Neeson and director Jaume Collet-Serra move the action to trains
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Image of The xx
The British band bring their intimate sound to an expansive venue
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John Alexander’s victory has instilled Malcolm Turnbull with some fighting spirit
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The Sydney Festival-bound show’s choreographer loves mixing the body with technology
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Cover of Atlantic Black
This ambitious second novel doesn’t quite live up to its Miles Franklin–winning predecessor
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Image from Barbara and the Camp Dogs
Part cracking musical, part Indigenous family drama, Belvoir’s latest production deserves to go far
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An exhibition showcases a painter who took an untrodden path though a familiar landscape
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