The anniversary of Menzies’ forgotten people speech is a plea by the conservatives to get back to their roots
By Mungo MacCallum on the
David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ shatters the tedium of prestige television
By Luke Goodsell on the
By Nick Feik on the
“She had driven back and forth along the lake several times and chosen the only possible entry point,” writes Helen Garner. “Once in the water she accelerated. She did nothing to save her children or to help strangers who rushed to the scene, but got out through the window, leaving the children inside.” When Akon...
Yanis Varoufakis’ ‘Adults in the Room’ offers an insider’s view of the Greek financial crisis
By Elle Hardy on the
‘Wild Bore’ at the Malthouse Theatre is an irreverent criticism of criticism itself
By Alison Croggon on the
Quick action is needed if public-interest journalism is to survive
By Ranald Macdonald on the
The rumours of Anthony Albanese’s leadership challenge have been greatly exaggerated
By Mungo MacCallum on the
Image of David Lynch and Mark Frost
The groundbreaking series’ co-creator and co-star discuss its enduring appeal and new season
By Andy Hazel on the
Concentrated markets and a lack of competition are damaging the Australian economy
By Andrew Leigh and Adam Triggs on the
ACCA’s exhibition of contemporary Indigenous art was a long overdue success
By Quentin Sprague on the
The government was brave to stand up to the banks but the battle has just begun
By Mungo MacCallum on the
Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey will jeopardise any future investigation
By Robert Manne on the
Joan Didion’s ‘South and West’ only scratches at the surface of America’s complex Southern states
By Elle Hardy on the
Commentators are wrong to talk about a “Labor-lite” budget
By Nick Dyrenfurth on the
Malthouse Theatre and Sydney Theatre Company’s co-production of ‘Away’ explores the shadows of Gow’s sunny and much-loved text
By Alison Croggon on the
The crisis in Australian arts coverage
By Anwen Crawford on the
The ban on gambling advertising during live sporting events is welcome and necessary policy
By Mungo MacCallum on the
The Turnbull government loves to announce big new policies, but can’t get any of them to stick
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