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The government will be scorched unless it acts soon
By Nick Feik on the
How precisely is this kind of permanent terror to be explained?
By Robert Manne on the
Despite Canberra group-think, there is no longer any plausible reason to keep asylum seekers in detention
By Robert Manne on the
What captured the imagination of our readers this year?
By The Monthly on the
State governments are taking action where the federal government has failed
By Mungo MacCallum on the
The Australian’s campaign against Gillian Triggs is another in a long line of crude culture-war offensives
By Robert Manne on the
Increased security in parliament is just another way to keep the public at bay
By Mungo MacCallum on the
To fight resurgent right-wing populism, the left must remember the importance of class
By Emma Dawson on the
In a year of change, Australian politics remained laughable
By Evan Williams on the
Don’t be surprised if the Attorney General never returns from summer holidays
By Mungo MacCallum on the
Personal attacks on the Cape York leader dodge the real issues
By Chris Feik on the
In the post-truth era, the politician talks out of his arse and his followers think with their guts
By Richard King on the
Theatrics in Canberra don’t do much for those left behind by economic change
By Nick Dyrenfurth on the
By Nick Feik on the
The American people elected a candidate who promised to upend their political system. As with Brexit, it was a political result that seemed to come out of nowhere. The politics of rage, of populism, of protest, are overwhelming Western nations. In the December–January issue of the Monthly, we look at the phenomenon...
Only clairvoyance can explain some of the actions of the immigration minister
By Mungo MacCallum on the
Australia has not yet noticed the advent of the Indigenous middle class
By Stan Grant on the
Centuries of failed migration policy must not be repeated
By Richard Cooke on the
We do not yet understand the forces Donald Trump has unleashed
By Mungo MacCallum on the