John Alexander’s victory has instilled Malcolm Turnbull with some fighting spirit
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The Sydney Festival-bound show’s choreographer loves mixing the body with technology
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Cover of Atlantic Black
This ambitious second novel doesn’t quite live up to its Miles Franklin–winning predecessor
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Image from Barbara and the Camp Dogs
Part cracking musical, part Indigenous family drama, Belvoir’s latest production deserves to go far
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An exhibition showcases a painter who took an untrodden path though a familiar landscape
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Has Jeffrey Tambor given the groundbreaking series its most definitive ending?
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Dastyari’s China-related missteps have been a gift for Turnbull – one that the PM hopes will keep on giving
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The author of ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ argues that animals experience emotions like we do
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Making sense of a new reality and the return of power politics – a Quarterly Essay extract
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The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu (aka the KLF) redefine the book launch
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Turnbull may have an ally in Barnaby Joyce, but the Nationals are a broad church.
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The so-called bad-boy celebrity chef has always offered a smarter take – and now we’re beginning to notice
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Sensible economics made simple – a Richard Denniss book extract
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This retrospective raises questions about how consciousness affects memory and experience
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Image of Julie Bishop
Staunching a leak will do little to allay the federal government’s troubles
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Image of installation view of Mira Gojak / Elizabeth Newman at Neon Parc
‘Mira Gojak / Elizabeth Newman’ illustrates the possibilities for curated shows in commercial galleries
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