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Editor’s Note June 2015 Nick Feik
Monday, 1st June 2015
The Greens have changed leaders and “the Tasmanian era is over”, as Amanda Lohrey writes. ...
China’s debt denouement Time is running out for the Chinese Potemkin economy Satyajit Das
Friday, 29th May 2015
China’s looming debt crisis is reaching a crucial point, with the recent default of Kaisa, a property developer. ...
Blood year Terror and the Islamic State David Kilcullen
Thursday, 28th May 2015
United Arab Emirates, November 2014 ...
True to you Morrissey at Vivid Live, Opera House Concert Hall, Tuesday 26 May Anwen Crawford
Thursday, 28th May 2015
Nobody loves Morrissey more than Morrissey does, though his fans do try their hardest. “His fans”: who am I trying to fool? There’s a man standing three...
An early election? Be alert, but don’t hold your breath Malcolm Farnsworth
Wednesday, 27th May 2015
Even before Tony Abbott’s government took office in 2013, speculation was rife about the possibility of a double-dissolution election in its first year....
Be good because you’re ruining the silence An interview with Bill Callahan Ben Marshall
Wednesday, 27th May 2015
In advance of his shows at the Sydney Opera House, Texan singer-songwriter Bill Callahan spoke to Vivid LIVE curator Ben Marshall about silence, the purpose...
A bathetic display Sufjan Stevens at Vivid Live, Opera House Concert Hall, Friday 22 May 2015 Anwen Crawford
Tuesday, 26th May 2015
I leant forward in my seat when, two-thirds of the way through his lengthy set at the Sydney Opera House, Sufjan Stevens played ‘Casimir Pulaski Day’, his...
Welcome to the masculinity-industrial complex Online anti-feminists are rebelling against a mirror image of reality Christian McCrea
Monday, 25th May 2015
Why does it seem so funny to so many that a small group have decided to boycott Mad Max: Fury Road in fear of its “feminist agenda”? Why does...
Super stumble Tony Abbott’s refusal to fix super rorts for the rich is sheer folly Mungo MacCallum
Monday, 25th May 2015
So Tony Abbott has embarked on another unworkable pledge: there will be no changes to superannuation. Not now, not during the next election, presumably not...
Quite contrary Why would the Coalition give Bjorn Lomborg four million dollars? It can already ignore his advice for free Richard Cooke
Friday, 22nd May 2015
The Danish economist Bjorn Lomborg has been described as many things these past weeks: a minimiser, a denier, a neo-Galileo whose pearls of insight have been...