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Two states of mind Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Australia drew attention to a growing consensus in the Labor Party Mungo MacCallum
Monday, 27th February 2017
For most Australians, the ceremonial visit of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was probably something of a non-event. ...
It’s the mandate wot lost it Like its predecessors, the Coalition government is still struggling to find a clear direction Nick Dyrenfurth
Tuesday, 21st February 2017
With mates like Tony Abbott, Cory Bernardi and George Christensen, who needs enemies? 2017 has begun awkwardly for Malcolm Turnbull. The internecine warfare...
The great dominators Attacking Bill Shorten won’t give Malcolm Turnbull the policy legitimacy he needs Mungo MacCallum
Monday, 20th February 2017
Paul Keating regarded parliamentary performance as a crucial part of his leadership. If you couldn’t win in the parliament, he declared, you couldn’t win in...
Old King Coal The Turnbull government keeps looking to coal to solve the country’s energy issues Mungo MacCallum
Monday, 13th February 2017
After a couple of days of Malcolm Turnbull berating Bill Shorten as a hypocrite, parasite, fake, suck-up and general scumbag, the prime minister and his...
Losing focus Malcolm Turnbull’s tirade revealed more about the PM than it did about Bill Shorten Nick Dyrenfurth
Thursday, 9th February 2017
Breathless. It’s the only word that adequately sums up most of the press gallery’s reportage of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s withering, highly personal...
The heat is on Who benefits from Malcolm Turnbull’s deal with Donald Trump? Mungo MacCallum
Monday, 6th February 2017
When he spoke out against Donald Trump’s discriminatory immigration bans, the former US ambassador to Australia Jeff Bleich warned that the hottest places in...
Still from Moonlight The surprising ‘Moonlight’ Barry Jenkins’ film turns the universal coming-of-age story into something very specific and intimate Anwen Crawford
Thursday, 2nd February 2017
During the first act of the tripartite Moonlight, an adult man, Juan (Mahershala Ali), shows a young boy, nicknamed Little (Alex Hibbert), how to sit at his...
Editor’s Note February 2017 Nick Feik
Monday, 30th January 2017
The first week of Donald Trump’s presidency may not have revealed anything new about the man, but it did confirm the worst fears for his rule. ...
The Muscovian Candidate? Donald Trump and Russia Robert Manne
Tuesday, 24th January 2017
In the past there have frequently been discussions on the left about what was called a crisis of legitimacy within the countries of democratic capitalism....
The Centrelink summer The government will be scorched unless it acts soon Nick Feik
Friday, 6th January 2017
“WHEN a government agency tasked with assisting some of the most vulnerable Australians is reduced to suggesting on Twitter that clients seek help via...