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The other budget Climate change is a serious problem, and we have a deeply unserious government Michael Lucy
Monday, 9th May 2016
Greenland is melting. The Barrier Reef is turning white from the heat. Ecosystems across Australia are collapsing as the climate changes. An area of Canada...
Bleaching whitewash Queensland’s Courier-Mail still has plenty of questions to answer about its coverage of coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef Andrew Stafford
Tuesday, 3rd May 2016
Last night, ABC TV’s Media Watch followed up a story I wrote for the Saturday Paper on the Courier-Mail’s coverage of coral bleaching on the Great...
An eye on the main chance The career of Arthur Sinodinos has gone from bad to verse Mungo MacCallum
Monday, 2nd May 2016
I read the news in the ticker on ABC News 24: “Arthur Sinodinos refuses to front Senate committee over political donations”.  The headline that...
Editor’s Note May 2016 Nick Feik
Sunday, 1st May 2016
“Our prime minister says that we must ‘live within our means’,” writes Don Watson. “The treasurer and the minister for finance both say it. As is the custom,...
The cost of disease The risk of a serious pandemic is rising, and the world is ill-prepared to cope Satyajit Das
Friday, 29th April 2016
Short memories and shorter media cycles mean that the West African Ebola crisis is now “fixed”. Several countries have been now declared free of the disease....
The emptiness of Tony Abbott The ex-PM’s latest failed apology shows he still has no idea where he went wrong Eleanor Robertson
Thursday, 28th April 2016
I’ve often wondered what it would be like to spend an hour or two inside Tony Abbott’s head. What’s going on up there? What does the world look like? What...
Knees and elbows The return of the unlamented Sophie Mirabella Mungo MacCallum
Tuesday, 26th April 2016
It is fair to say that the revenant candidate for the seat of Indi, Sophie Mirabella, would never win a nation-wide popularity contest. ...
A Bishop sacrificed Bronwyn Bishop’s long career has come to a fitting end Mungo MacCallum
Monday, 18th April 2016
The saddest thing about Bronwyn Bishop losing her preselection was that Bob Ellis did not survive to dance on her political grave. ...
Bullies If the government can’t face Labor in parliament, what chance does it have in an election campaign? Mungo MacCallum
Monday, 11th April 2016
Christopher Pyne says indignantly that the government will decide the schedule for the parliamentary sitting that begins next week – as leader of the house,...
The grey ceiling Older workers are stifling the progress of their younger colleagues Jennifer Rayner
Tuesday, 5th April 2016
I first became aware of the “grey ceiling” when I was working as a researcher at one of Australia’s more self-important universities. At our faculty’s weekly...