the view from billinudgel

Morrison’s climate flip

Australia has a lot of catching up to do on emissions reduction

Warrior culture

The allegations of Australian war crimes have shattered the national digger mythology

House rules

Until the bonk ban, Canberra culture dictated that what happened in the bubble stayed in the bubble

Trumpery lives on

Despite Joe Biden’s historic win, the damage done by the Trump presidency will be hard to snuff out

Coal omissions

Action on climate change is ramping up everywhere, except in Scott Morrison’s government

The Corp’s bride

Despite a widely supported petition, the government is too scared to take on the Murdoch empire

Bury the lead

Newspoll delivers an unwanted result for the Murdoch media

Job seeker

Scott Morrison wants to launch Mathias Cormann onto the global stage

Vale Susan Ryan

The pioneering politician was more than a feminist icon

Premier league

Despite their highly criticised lockdowns, Daniel Andrews and Annastacia Palaszczuk remain popular in the polls