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10 fascinating articles on health, 2013

In 2013, magazine and newspaper writing about health blossomed. Whether about new research, historical context, mental wellbeing, or major medical or social issues, discussions about health have engaged an increasingly aware and voracious global readership.

Here are some of our favourite pieces of the year:

The vitamin myth: Why we think we need supplements (The Atlantic) 

Fat city (The Monthly) 

Some of my best friends are germs (New York Times)

The D.S.M and the nature of disease (New Yorker)

How animals may cause the next big one (New York Review of Books)

Imagining the post-antibiotics future (Medium)

The doctor who made a revolution (New York Review of Books)

Experts reshape treatment guide for cholesterol (New York Times)

The disturbing, shameful history of childbirth deaths (Slate)

Death by masculinity (Project Syndicate) 

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