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A Letter to Helen

We have had a remarkable reaction to Helen Garner’s Vox article, written on the impact of Jill Meagher’s death (‘Death in Brunswick’, November). The story also included a chance meeting with a newly minted father. This week we were thrilled to receive this letter:

Dear Monthly,
I was pleasantly surprised after my husband rang me from work to tell me our daughter Poppy had made the news already! My husband, Sitki, and I were mentioned in Helen Garner’s story. In fact, it was me who delivered our baby in the ambulance on 24 September.

My husband told me about the encounter at the time and we can’t believe we are in this article. Pass on our best wishes to Helen; she remains a part of the very special night when our daughter was born. It’s nice to read that even though there are such horrible tragedies, there is also hope in new life.

Courtney Esenyel

You can read Helen’s story here.

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