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The Monthly’s website has welcomed a surge of new visitors and lively audience participation in response to a teaser posted on Monday regarding Anne Summers’ profile, “The Bolt Factor”. Thousands of readers have passed by, leaving in their wake a flurry of comments in support of Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt. Here are some highlights:


Boilt [sic] makes perfect sense. And I’m NOT sorry if I offend anyone. – KennyMcCormick

How did he end up this way? A whole lot better than you lot … Communism is just around the corner, if you want to live like North Korea, then go there. – Rilivon

Can’t wait for this issue, I need something to line the birdcage with. – Bob Jacobs

How come there are so many here who claim to have read the article when it doesn’t come out until the 7 October? Am I missing something here, or are you all just worried that something about your hero Bolt must turn out to be a bit distasteful? – Mark Matthews


No Mark, you aren’t missing a thing. But the final word goes to …


Have any of the people who have posted these comments ever bought the Monthly? I doubt it. Look, we have to put up with ignorant, anti-intellectual fuddy-duddys everywhere else on this planet but for goodness sake, surely you can leave us alone at the Monthly website. – remember64


We think we know how remember64 feels, but would like to invite all readers to keep their comments coming (in moderation). 

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