Editor’s Note

February 2012 Editor's Note

The Greens have withstood a number of disruptive forces, but the one that continues to build is from within. In this issue, Sally Neighbour exposes how the radicalism of the NSW branch has never ceased scratching away at the national party's veneer of discipline, and how it is starting to thin. As if Bob Brown didn't already have enough undermined people to work with.

Also, a telling profile of Scott Morrison reveals the metamorphosis of a man native to Sydney's eastern suburbs – with the progressive liberal outlook to match – who has become a captive of his Sutherland Shire electorate. The change is not pretty. Perhaps politicians should, every term or two, be compelled to re-deliver their maiden speech to Parliament, to remind themselves, as well as us, of what they once were.

Incidentally, this issue is the last to be put to bed by the outgoing editor, Ben Naparstek. Ben's success in increasing the magazine's readership has been such that he has been poached by the flagship Fairfax publication, Good Weekend, to revive its fortunes. It's a terrific break for Ben, and for Good Weekend, where I have worked, on-and-off, for ten of the past 14 years. Ben will be very much missed, and I personally want to wish him the very best. There is no one quite like him.

John van Tiggelen

John van Tiggelen

John van Tiggelen is a freelance writer and the author of Mango Country.

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