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Don Dale is the tip of the iceberg Mistreatment of vulnerable people in detention is commonplace throughout Australia Russell Marks
Thursday, 28th July 2016
The image of a hooded Dylan Voller, bound to a “mechanical restraint” chair inside Darwin’s Don Dale juvenile prison, is as iconic as those that leaked from...
Don’t fear the people A plebiscite will confirm the Australian public’s support for marriage equality and marginalise bigots Jeff Sparrow
Tuesday, 26th July 2016
When Tony Abbott proposed a plebiscite on equal marriage last year, it was quite obvious that he intended a popular vote as a dodge, a stalling mechanism to...
One Nation under Pauline Media heat obscures weak support for the played-out Pauline Hanson Richard Cooke
Thursday, 21st July 2016
In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, a Financial Times journalist noted that it was a “rather strange day. The Prime Minister resigning is only our third...
Release the hounds It was long past time for the greyhound racing industry to be shut down Mungo MacCallum
Monday, 18th July 2016
Oh, the poor, persecuted greyhound owners. ...
Screaming ‘Pikachu’ in a crowded theatre ‘Pokémon Go’ makes a relentless, clear call for players to reclaim their own sense of time, space and place Christian McCrea
Friday, 15th July 2016
The inescapable shadow of a fad is lurching over us. Pokémon Go has all the hallmarks of a phenomenon we’ll look back upon and laugh at in a few years. ...
Band of brothers In John Carney’s ‘Sing Street’, music is a boys’ club Anwen Crawford
Friday, 15th July 2016
“It’s all about the girl,” advises Brendan Lalor (Jack Reynor), lank of hair and firm of opinion, to his younger brother, Conor (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo). The two...
A lovely war The Chilcot report is a reminder of John Howard’s unapologetic and reckless enthusiasm for American wars Mungo MacCallum
Sunday, 10th July 2016
Sir John Chilcot’s mammoth report on the second Iraq war is, on an objective reading, damning: the war was probably illegal, the intelligence flawed, the...
An impoverished estate The Australian media prioritised personality over policy during this election campaign Russell Marks
Tuesday, 5th July 2016
Australians awoke on Sunday morning to the possibility of a second hung parliament. At this stage the only thing that seems clear is that Malcolm Turnbull’s...
Farewell to the fallen Saturday’s federal election halted the political careers of some well-known – and unknown – figures Mungo MacCallum
Monday, 4th July 2016
Spare a thought for the losers. No, we don’t just mean the hapless and bewildered voters, or even Malcolm Turnbull, Scott Morrison and Mark Textor, and we...
What’s it all about? It’s a good time to step back and refresh your memory about the country’s politics Michael Lucy
Friday, 1st July 2016
As we drag ourselves to the end of an epic 8-week election campaign, it can be difficult to remember what it’s all meant to be about. Policies have been...