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The severe practicality of love The work of Raimond Gaita requires us to think seriously about what is precious and our common humanity Helen Pringle
Friday, 28th August 2015
At the very end of Plato’s Republic, Socrates tells a story about a warrior called Er, who was killed in battle. After some days, just as Er was about to be...
Something old, something blue Julia Gillard has changed her mind on same-sex marriage. But has she reformed? Richard Cooke
Thursday, 27th August 2015
Exactly how late did Julia Gillard change her mind on same-sex marriage? You could measure it as “six years after Dick Cheney” or “two years since leaving...
The mandate of heaven The Chinese stock boom was built to shore up President Xi Jinping’s rule. What will the crash mean for the future? Satyajit Das
Tuesday, 25th August 2015
This is part 3 of a three-part series on the Chinese stock market. Read part 1 and part 2. ...
Bombs over Raqqa Australian military involvement in the middle east is all about politics at home Mungo MacCallum
Monday, 24th August 2015
From the fastnesses of the island of Mer in the Torres Strait, Tony Abbott assures us that he will carefully consider the American request for Australia to...
Journalism under fire Is there a war on journalism? Michael Lucy
Monday, 24th August 2015
In The War on Journalism, Andrew Fowler shows us the many dangers that the practice of journalism (particularly investigative journalism) faces in the 21st...
On the rule of law What it is, why it matters, and what threatens it Martin Krygier
Thursday, 20th August 2015
On 11 August, the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights released an unsung but remarkable critique of the government’s bill to allow dual nationals...
There may be some alternatives Why are Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders so popular? Christian McCrea
Wednesday, 19th August 2015
“There is no alternative,” Margaret Thatcher was fond of saying in the 1980s, as the Tory dream detonated the old British economy and replaced it with...
Where the people go, the leaders will follow There are many good reasons to oppose Tony Abbott’s plans for marriage reform but a fear of ordinary people is not one of them Jeff Sparrow
Tuesday, 18th August 2015
In the Age today, Sarah Gill argues flatly that marriage equality should never be put to a popular vote. Why? She notes the enthusiasm of Scott Morrison, a...
Cowards of conscience Tony Abbott’s opposition to same-sex marriage is based on nothing more solid than his feelings Mungo MacCallum
Monday, 17th August 2015
The parliament should own this issue, the prime minister said back in May – well, not any longer. ...
Don’t write off Tony Abbott yet Underestimate the prime minister at your peril Nick Dyrenfurth
Thursday, 13th August 2015
Six months after the prime minister’s curious promise that “good government starts today”, an opinion piece slating Tony Abbott’s leadership writes itself....