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Editor’s Note August 2015 Nick Feik
Friday, 31st July 2015
The asylum-seeker issue reared its head again this week, following the ALP’s policy reversal on turnbacks and revelations that Australia returned a boatload...
China’s surreal stock market Don’t expect the Chinese economy to play by familiar rules Satyajit Das
Thursday, 30th July 2015
Most things about China are unfamiliar for foreigners, even its stock market. ...
All right for some How statistics hide the victims of economic reform Dennis Glover
Wednesday, 29th July 2015
I’m generally against statistics, not because of what they tell us, which can sometimes be useful, but because they make it too easy to ignore what is going...
Leaders in retreat Tony Abbott is trying to con the states on tax reform Mungo MacCallum
Sunday, 26th July 2015
It must have been hugely gratifying for Tony Abbott to have ended last week’s Council of Australian Governments leaders’ retreat (somewhat inappropriately...
Who watches ‘Watchman’? Why I won’t be reading Harper Lee’s “new” novel Craig Silvey
Thursday, 23rd July 2015
In the months leading up to the recent release of Go Set a Watchman, rather than wringing my hands with giddy excitement, my response has been tempered by...
Child’s play What’s wrong with a child talking about politics? Mungo MacCallum
Monday, 20th July 2015
The right-wing commentariat has a new sledgehammer to belt the ABC with: a 10-year-old child. ...
Convention centre of dreams Comic artist Jon Sommariva and Oz Comic-Con Beau Kondos
Friday, 17th July 2015
Outside Oz Comic-Con at the Melbourne Convention Centre is a long queue of people in an assortment of dramatic wigs and billowing capes, brandishing...
Playing the ban Tony Abbott’s Q&A saga continues Mungo MacCallum
Monday, 13th July 2015
Tony Abbott has got it the wrong way around. He seems to think that he is offering the ABC a favour by allowing, under strict conditions, some of his...
Border farce The absurd double standard behind the government’s “sovereignty” message Richard King
Friday, 10th July 2015
It may surprise you to know (but then again it may not) that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were in favour of free trade. For them it was one of the glories...
Greece: What now? The Greeks emphatically voted “No”, but their troubles are far from over Satyajit Das
Thursday, 9th July 2015
The Greek referendum last weekend was always going to be a Rorschach inkblot test, with everybody projecting their own perceptions onto the result. ...