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Editor's Note December 2015 – January 2016 Nick Feik
Tuesday, 1st December 2015
Despite our professed love of irreverence and larrikinism, Australians often have a hard time accepting criticism of our own patriotic ideals, and would...
Back to the people Bill Shorten has held Labor together, but the party is still ignoring what voters want Nick Dyrenfurth
Friday, 27th November 2015
Recent opinion polls make grim reading for Labor strategists. Assuming they are accurate, next year Labor will suffer a repeat of the 2013 federal election,...
Interdependent mammals Despite what David Leyonhjelm might want, there’s no escaping the messy realities of human existence Sarah Burnside
Thursday, 26th November 2015
Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonhjelm created a minor stir on Monday with a brief homage to childless Australians, made in the context of a debate on the...
Divisive ideas Critics of a Muslim political party are misguided Mungo MacCallum
Monday, 23rd November 2015
The formation of the Australian Muslim Party to give a political voice to the Islamic community has produced a predictable backlash, especially from the...
The dangerous past How we forgot how to govern Laura Tingle
Monday, 23rd November 2015
June 2015. Clouds are scudding across a pale, bright winter sky on the road from Sydney to Canberra as the fall of the Roman Republic unfolds before me. My...
Confusion of confusions Central banks won’t admit that low interest rates can’t go on forever Satyajit Das
Thursday, 19th November 2015
Isaac Newton believed that truth is found in simplicity, not in multiplicity and confusion. Based on current interest rate policies, central bankers in...
Tragedy trumps Daesh deserves all our condemnation, and all its victims deserve our grief Aicha Marhfour
Wednesday, 18th November 2015
Since the attack on Paris last weekend, we have become caught up in a game of tragedy trumps on social media. This, more than anything, benefits Daesh’s...
Offshore detention cannot last When it comes to refugees, we should take a leaf out of Malcolm Fraser’s book Sarah Hanson-Young
Wednesday, 18th November 2015
It’s undoubtedly true that the current situation on Manus Island and Nauru is untenable. There are very clear lessons from the past that show indefinite...
Labor’s dilemma How do you solve a problem like Bill Shorten? Mungo MacCallum
Monday, 16th November 2015
A committed and well-informed Labor supporter confided to me last week that he was most disappointed that Bill Shorten had been cleared by the Trades Union...
Journey to the west By adopting identity politics, Mark Latham shows us its weaknesses Jeff Sparrow
Friday, 13th November 2015
“One of my pet gripes about modern society [is] the way in which serious issues and events are converted into bizarre forms of celebrity.” ...