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The Centrelink summer The government will be scorched unless it acts soon Nick Feik
Friday, 6th January 2017
“WHEN a government agency tasked with assisting some of the most vulnerable Australians is reduced to suggesting on Twitter that clients seek help via...
Dabiq and the Islamic State massacres How precisely is this kind of permanent terror to be explained? Robert Manne
Friday, 6th January 2017
“First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin” – Leonard Cohen ...
Yes, Virginia, there is a solution to Australia’s asylum-seeker problem Despite Canberra group-think, there is no longer any plausible reason to keep asylum seekers in detention Robert Manne
Wednesday, 21st December 2016
A year or so ago I met with a very senior official in the Turnbull government’s Border Force. We discussed the fact that the lives of 32,000 people who had...
The 20 most-read Monthly articles of 2016 What captured the imagination of our readers this year? The Monthly
Tuesday, 20th December 2016
Richard Cooke's ‘The Boomer Supremacy’ was the most-read essay of the year (for good reason), and Monthly readers also embraced the work of Helen Garner,...
State of the states State governments are taking action where the federal government has failed Mungo MacCallum
Monday, 19th December 2016
The idea of states’ rights used to be a permanent shibboleth of Australian politics, particularly on the conservative side. ...
The national broadside The Australian’s campaign against Gillian Triggs is another in a long line of crude culture-war offensives Robert Manne
Friday, 16th December 2016
For the past three weeks, I’ve been observing the world from a hospital bed. One of my pastimes has been to read the Australian carefully each day, something...
Taking the demos out of democracy Increased security in parliament is just another way to keep the public at bay Mungo MacCallum
Tuesday, 13th December 2016
Once again our fearless legislators have combined their collective might to destroy democracy in order to save it. ...
Stop skipping class To fight resurgent right-wing populism, the left must remember the importance of class Emma Dawson
Thursday, 8th December 2016
Donald Trump’s victory in the US election, coming on the heels of Brexit, has been blamed by many commentators on the conflict between the identity politics...
The 40 most Onion-like Australian politics headlines of 2016 In a year of change, Australian politics remained laughable Evan Williams
Wednesday, 7th December 2016
In an annual tradition, Evan Williams presents his list of real Australian political news headlines that read as if they’re from the satirical newspaper The...
Time is running out for George Brandis Don’t be surprised if the Attorney General never returns from summer holidays Mungo MacCallum
Tuesday, 6th December 2016
Last week George Brandis got an early Christmas present: in the turmoil and ferment of parliament’s final week for the year, our Absurdity-General escaped...