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Editor’s Note August 2017 Nick Feik
Friday, 1st September 2017
Many months ago, Paddy Manning began planning an essay about the Australian Greens for our August issue to coincide with the party’s 25th birthday. Week by...
Image of Daniel Monks as Joseph Merrick Looking for Joseph Merrick Malthouse Theatre’s ‘The Real and Imagined History of the Elephant Man’ runs the risk of erasing its protagonist Alison Croggon
Friday, 18th August 2017
The story of Joseph Merrick, popularly known as the Elephant Man, has a huge absence in its centre: Merrick himself. Ever since his death, aged 27, in 1890,...
The united colours of Besson Luc Besson discusses humanity, utopia and his latest film, ‘Valerian’ Luke Goodsell
Wednesday, 16th August 2017
Luc Besson’s previous film wasn’t short on ambition. Having sent Scarlett Johansson on a journey beyond the very reaches of time and space, as he did in 2014...
Misogyny floats The second season of ‘Top of the Lake’ once again battles male sexual and psychological violence Steve Dow
Wednesday, 16th August 2017
The deep vein of misogyny unsettled me early in Jane Campion’s new miniseries, Top of the Lake: China Girl, in which Elisabeth Moss reprises her role as...
The buck stops here Who will take the blame for the Commonwealth Bank’s latest scandal? Mungo MacCallum
Sunday, 13th August 2017
Talking about inequality is not exactly new. Almost a century ago the writers F Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway were musing about it in their short...
The glow of nostalgia Viewers are embracing new technology to watch shows that tap into a yearning for a pre-digital age Myke Bartlett
Friday, 11th August 2017
Edgar Wright’s recent blockbuster Baby Driver saw its twenty-something protagonist armed with a dozen (apparently stolen) iPods, swapping between them to...
The resurrection of Morris West Australia’s biggest-selling author is largely unknown to contemporary readers – but that’s about to change Simon Caterson
Tuesday, 8th August 2017
According to religious belief, in order to be resurrected a person must first have died. In the world of publishing, the revival of a dead author’s body of...
Bad sports What is Foxtel doing with $30 million of taxpayers’ money? Mungo MacCallum
Monday, 7th August 2017
It was a week that featured the same-sex marriage imbroglio, the NBN disaster, the water-rorting in the Murray-Darling Basin endorsed by Barnaby Joyce, and...
A new location, familiar terrain Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan bring their signature banter – and talk of mortality – on ‘The Trip to Spain’ Anwen Crawford
Friday, 4th August 2017
Comedians Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan are not quite friends, but nor are they enemies. They are definitely rivals. In The Trip to Spain and its...
Where we live Ian Strange’s latest exhibition, ‘ISLAND’, explores our complex relationship with the family home Richard King
Tuesday, 1st August 2017
Raised in Perth and based in New York, the multidisciplinary artist Ian Strange is, like all migrants, a stranger in two lands. No doubt it is partly for...