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Offshore crimes Is the government committing criminal offences by failing to ensure the safety of detainees on Nauru and Manus Island? Max Costello
Thursday, 22nd September 2016
Australia’s two regional processing centres (RPCs) that house asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island are offensive in three ways, according to most critics...
A four-headed monster Ron Howard’s ‘Eight Days a Week’ catches The Beatles and their fans in a dazzling, imperishable youth Anwen Crawford
Monday, 19th September 2016
Between 1964 and 1966, the most documented people on earth were surely The Beatles. During those years the group toured the world, visiting Europe, Asia,...
Who’s in charge? Malcolm Turnbull still doesn’t seem to be calling the shots in Canberra Mungo MacCallum
Monday, 19th September 2016
In the first week of the new parliament we saw a number of government members clock off early. Malcolm Turnbull was incensed; they were severely counseled ...
Tree school Trees learn from their experiences, but how do they do it? Peter Wohlleben
Monday, 12th September 2016
Thirst is harder for trees to endure than hunger, because they can satisfy their hunger whenever they want. Like a baker who always has enough bread, a tree...
A polite friction Malcolm Turnbull’s attempt to ignore Tony Abbott while pinching his policies is not working Mungo MacCallum
Monday, 12th September 2016
When Pauline Hanson burst into the federal parliament in 1996 like an exploding sewer main, the then prime minister, John Howard, had two tactics to deal...
Vale Inga Clendinnen 1934–2016 The Monthly
Friday, 9th September 2016
Today we remember Inga Clendinnen, one of Australia’s great writers, historians and public intellectuals, who passed away yesterday, and extend our...
Not a priority The Racial Discrimination Act is a tool to encourage civility, not a draconian repression of free speech Mungo MacCallum
Monday, 5th September 2016
The baying pack of Coalition backbenchers demanding the abolition, or at least the dilution, of the Racial Discrimination Act may be sincere crusaders for...
Australia has lost its way ‘Does Writing Matter?’ The inaugural Boisbouvier Lecture, Melbourne Writers Festival 2016 Richard Flanagan
Thursday, 1st September 2016
Every day we hear grim and grimmer news that suggests we are passing through the winter of the world. Everywhere man is tormented, the globe reels from...
These divided states of America Americans are split along party lines as never before Don Watson
Wednesday, 31st August 2016
Every four years the people of the United States of America choose the person they think most likely to keep them free and safe; and to decide what their...
The state of the Territory Labor won the NT election in a landslide, but will much change on the ground? Mungo MacCallum
Monday, 29th August 2016
A few years ago the Northern Territory government legislated to allow voluntary euthanasia. The Commonwealth, not ready for such radical adventures, reversed...