The art of the hustle in the Safdie Brothers’ ‘Good Time’ The lo-fi New Yorkers take on a Robert Pattinson–starring genre thriller Harry Windsor
Monday, 16th October 2017
Brothers Benny and Josh Safdie have made a series of lo-fi features and shorts limning the street life of New York City and some of its most marginalised...
Names have been suppressed Attempts to encourage censorship and deliberate amnesia seldom work Mungo MacCallum
Sunday, 15th October 2017
Soon after a maniacal gun nut slaughtered and maimed numerous concertgoers in Las Vegas, the idealists proposed a solution. ...
Cover of Navigator Between Worlds Simon Leys, navigator between worlds Reflections on one of the great essayists at the launch of a new biography Martin Krygier
Wednesday, 11th October 2017
In March 1975, I had just begun my doctorate in Canberra, and I was also editing book reviews for Quadrant, which was once a serious magazine. Professor...
Cover of Sour Heart Girls and the grotesque in ‘Sour Heart’ Jenny Zhang’s short-story collection offers complex, radical versions of immigrant girlhood Jessica Au
Tuesday, 10th October 2017
Jenny Zhang’s short-story collection Sour Heart (Bloomsbury; $24.99) is not a cruel book. There is pain, yes, savagery and poverty, too, but its cause...
Bob Hawke, we miss you In retrospect, the Hawke years seem something of a golden age. Mungo MacCallum
Sunday, 8th October 2017
I may be getting nostalgic in my old age – hell, I am getting nostalgic in my old age. But it was hard not to rejoice in the good old days as Bob Hawke and...
Cover of The Library The treasures and pleasures of bibliophiles in ‘The Library’ Stuart Kells celebrates book collections real and imagined, tangible and intangible Adam Rivett
Friday, 6th October 2017
About a month or two ago, at a Hawthorn street fair otherwise dominated by children on rides and overpriced food, I found a first edition of Patrick White’s...
Still from Cao Fei’s Rumba II: Nomad The possibilities of flux at the TarraWarra International Five Australian and international artists engage with history, impermanence and decay Quentin Sprague
Monday, 2nd October 2017
The two-yearly TarraWarra International, currently on display at the TarraWarra Museum of Art, in Victoria’s Yarra Valley, is not strictly concerned...
Screenshot of Macklemore Of course sports and politics should mix They can and they do, and politicians only object when it’s a message they don’t like Mungo MacCallum
Sunday, 1st October 2017
Keep politics out of sport. ...
Editor’s Note October 2017 Nick Feik
Sunday, 1st October 2017
Australians may take satisfaction in their egalitarianism and scepticism towards authority, and are undoubtedly happy to cut down tall poppies. But when it...
The ‘strange new world’ of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ In 2017, why is it so alien to have women of colour heading up a science fiction franchise? Myke Bartlett
Friday, 29th September 2017
As Star Trek: Discovery set sail this week, Trekkies found much to complain about. In the States, many were unhappy they had to sign up to a new streaming...