Zoë Morrison

Zoë Morrison is the author of the novel Music and Freedom.

Articles by this author

A new approach to making those experiencing family violence feel safe
Sanctuary without secrecy: a new women’s refuge
“The last visitors had to be blindfolded,” the duty manager at the Annie North Women’s Refuge and Domestic Violence Service in Bendigo said, with an apologetic smile. We were...
Reviving a century of Indigenous music through the Mission Songs Project
On a mission
Alma Geia used to tell a funny story that went something like this: On the Palm Island mission in Queensland, the Aboriginal kids were asked to do the catering for a visiting...
The Melbourne Museum’s new gallery takes small children seriously
Child’s play
At the new Pauline Gandel Children’s Gallery in the Melbourne Museum, there is a huge and unusually shaped climbing structure made of soft ropes and nets. Young children cram and...
The Rhodes Scholarship is slowly embracing diversity
Rhodes dollars
There are police at the gates when I arrive, a line of shiny silver cars in front of me and a gaggle of people on the footpath. I presume it’s all for another event. Then there’s...