Warwick Smith

Warwick Smith is a research economist at progressive think tank Per Capita.


Articles by this author

Pension changes, age discrimination and workplace automation are driving older Australians into poverty
Too old to work, too young to die
The first of October is the International Day of Older Persons. The United Nations want us to put the spotlight on age discrimination, and so we should. A perfect storm is brewing...
Why compulsory superannuation benefits the financial industry and the rich at the expense of everyone else
A super con
Superannuation is mostly a con. It involves the funnelling of vast amounts of wealth from wage-earners to the financial sector, and continues the neoliberal project of fracturing...
Penalty rates are under threat. What is at stake?
The war on waged labour
Despite being haunted by the spectre of WorkChoices, the campaign by the Coalition in support of business interests and against labour remains systematic and thorough....