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Waleed Aly
Waleed Aly is a writer, broadcaster and academic.

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'On Warne', Gideon Haigh, Hamish Hamilton; $35.00

‘On Warne’ by Gideon Haigh

On Warne. It sounds like a tome of grave significance. Mill On Liberty. Greer On Rage. No more elaborate title is necessary to justify the inquiry. The subject matter is so central to the human condition, so timeless, that we …

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In it together


Australia and Indonesia since the Bali bombings

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Gold is good


The Olympics, Sport and National Pride

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Comment: The Australian Solution


There was a Pacific Solution, a Malaysia Solution and, fleetingly, until someone thought to ask the Timorese, an East Timor Solution. But what exactly is the problem? I’m not asking rhetorically. It’s a serious question, perhaps the most …

Protestors call Hosni Mubarak to account in Cairo, 8 April 2011. © Misam Saleh/AFP/Getty Images

After spring


The struggle for liberation in the Middle East

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National curriculum


In late February, the Legislative Assembly in South Dakota passed a resolution urging public schools throughout the state to teach that “global warming is a scientific theory rather than a proven fact”. Perhaps that’s true: I lack the scientific …

Obscured by clouds


Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’

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Racism, Australian-style


For all Kevin Rudd’s fantasies of international leadership, Australia rarely impinges on the consciousness of the wider world. We are neither sufficiently powerful nor sufficiently strife-torn to command global attention. Our prime minister can slip …

'We Are One': Barack Obama delivering his pre-inaugural speech, Lincoln Memorial, 18 January 2009. Image: USAF

Patriot acts


Learning from America