Tim Soutphommasane


6 ENTRIES Tim Soutphommasane is a philosopher and political theorist. He is a research fellow at Monash University’s National Centre for Australian Studies, fellow of St James Ethics Centre and senior project leader at Per Capita think tank. His books include All That's Left and Reclaiming Patriotism.


'The Origins of Political Order: From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution', By Francis Fukuyama, Profile Books, 585pp; $59.95


‘The Origins of Political Order: From Prehuman Times to the French’ By Francis Fukuyama

Most scholars have in them at best one major work. Had Francis Fukuyama ceased writing after The End of History and the Last Man, his hugely influential book of 1992, he could have been content with having produced a magnum opus. In the years …


New Labour & The ALP

For much of the last three years, the conventional wisdom has been that Britain’s New Labour was experiencing its slow death under Gordon Brown’s leadership. Few would have imagined anything other than David Cameron’s Tories winning this year’s …


Progressively Liberal

Malcolm Fraser: The Political Memoirs


The new republic

Many Australians will remember Jason Yat-sen Li from the 1999 referendum campaign, when he was a twenty-something lawyer and a leading advocate for the ‘yes’ camp. A Sydney-born Australian of Chinese heritage, the charismatic Li seemed to embody …


Feral howl

Arundhati Roy’s ‘Listening to Grasshoppers’


Democratic hubris

John Keane’s ‘The Life and Death of Democracy’