Shane Danielsen

Shane Danielsen is a screenwriter and former artistic director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Articles by this author

James Gray’s ‘The Lost City of Z’
The script changed
I first met James Gray at the Venice Film Festival back in 1994. He was 25, and his debut feature, Little Odessa, was in competition; it wound up winning a Silver Lion. A kind of...
Still from Hounds of Love
Ben Young’s ‘Hounds of Love’ presents horror in all-too-familiar surrounds
Lowlife in the suburbs
Like the majority of Australians, I grew up in the suburbs – the southern suburbs of Sydney, to be precise; I was a Kogarah boy. I had no idea, at the time, that I was inhabiting...
Still from Get Out
‘Get Out’ is a sharp mix of horror, satire and racial commentary
Long time coming
It feels, at last, as if something is stirring, rising out of the dust kicked up by #OscarsSoWhite and Black Lives Matter. The first traces, admittedly, were not promising: Ava...
Still from Toni Erdmann
Maren Ade’s ‘Toni Erdmann’ is one of the most misread movies of the year
A German comedy?
We like to think we all laugh at the same things – that humour is a universal constant, like pi – but of course we don’t. What’s hysterical to one person may be offensive to...
George Miller and the evolution of Mad Max
Desert storm
Before he was a filmmaker, George Miller was a medical student. While completing his residency at Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital, he worked in the ER department, where he...
A very, very good director has made a pretty ordinary film
The beautiful cliches of David Michôd’s ‘The Rover’
For Australian artists of any discipline, the outback is something to reckon with. It isn’t the barren earth exactly, nor the vast, great, towering sky; it’s something else....