Sean Kelly


565 ENTRIES Sean Kelly is a columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, and was an adviser to Labor prime ministers Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd.


The Politics

Drip, drip

Childcare leaks and leadership

The Politics

The end of the Age of Entitlement, again

The government moves on childcare subsidies

Federal politics

The smokescreen of moral indignation

Politicians should stop trying to hide behind confected outrage

Federal politics


The deaths of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran dominate headlines right now. At some point we will move on.

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What is about to happen in Indonesia should never happen anywhere

Federal politics


Scott McIntyre’s sacking highlights our confusion about social media

Federal politics

Hard to stomach

It’s not just Australians who are concerned about Australia’s immigration policies

Federal politics

Just fix it

Sometimes the right thing to do is obvious

Federal politics

A new Golden Age ... maybe

Are the stars aligning for serious policy?


Serendipity strikes

Expediency and integrity may for once push Labor in the same direction

The Politics


When is a beer just a beer?

The Politics

Everyone said some things that shouldn’t have been said

The government has said a lot of things on tax, most of them in the past month. Not all of them match up.

The Politics

Facts that speak for themselves, and facts that don’t

In Canberra, sometimes things are just what they seem. And sometimes they’re not.

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If there’s a buck to be made, somebody will make it

Exploiting the Anzac legend for commercial gain isn’t new

The Politics


It took Peter Costello 12 years to build a reputation. It was destroyed in one day.