Sally Neighbour

Sally Neighbour
Sally Neighbour is a multiple award-winning journalist and author, best known for her work as a reporter with Four Corners, recognised by three Walkley Awards. She is the author of The Mother of Mohammed and In the Shadow of Swords.

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Hazara asylum seekers


Yusuf Hamid was a shoemaker in the village of Kharaba in Ghazni Province, eastern Afghanistan. It was the time of the Taliban, as Afghans invariably refer to the years between 1996 and 2001 when the bearded talib, students from the Islamic madrassas strung …

A young soldier at the Anzac Day morning service in Warnambool, Victoria, 2009. © Angela Milne / Fairfax

The ANZAC spirit


A certain tone pervades the national conversation on the role of Australian troops in Afghanistan. We read it in the daily newspaper headlines: “Digger’s Mates Laud an Aussie Character”; “Digger’s Life was Noble”; “Afghanistan: The Untold …

Women celebrates the Eid al-Adha festival at Lakemba Mosque, 2003. © Ben Rushton / Fairfax

The way to the watering hole


Sharia Law

Photographers try to catch a glimpse of suspects arrested in raids across Sydney less than a week after the Howard government amended counterterrorism laws to make it easier for police arrests, 8 November 2005. © David Gray / Reuters

Hidden agendas


Our intelligence services