Russell Marks


102 ENTRIES Russell Marks is a lawyer and an honorary research associate at La Trobe University. He is the author of Crime and Punishment: Offenders and Victims in a Broken Justice System (Black Inc., 2015). 



Debt, deficits and averting disaster

Are we really stealing from our kids to fund a debt crisis?


Nothing but a dream

Why does the right want to Americanise Australia?

Racism in Australia

Deeper water

Charlie Hebdo, free speech, multiculturalism and 18C

Health system

A bitter pill

The government alienates doctors and patients over $20 GP fee


Death drive

What drives Tony Abbott's need to fail?

Gathering storm

The assault on self-determination in the West

Australian Politics

There is no Left

A figment of the Right's imagination

Australian Politics


Tony Abbott at the G20 leaders' retreat


Little kings

On the spot fines and the unchecked power of Melbourne's transport officers


Leaps and bounds

The war on terror comes to Adelaide Oval

Australian education

Education and its discontents

Recently The Monthly published online a collection of excerpts from real history essays by undergraduate university students. ‘A Rich History of Failure’, by pseudonymous author ‘Professor Neve R. Stenning-Stihl’, prompted a …


Tony Abbott Said...

“I probably should, I suppose, apologise now for all my errors of the past and make a clean breast of them … and ask the public to judge me from this point.” -Press conference on becoming leader of the Liberal Party, 1 December 2009   What …