Russell Marks


102 ENTRIES Russell Marks is a lawyer and an honorary research associate at La Trobe University. He is the author of Crime and Punishment: Offenders and Victims in a Broken Justice System (Black Inc., 2015). 


The Politics

Why was this government policy?

George Brandis sensibly reversed his planned cuts to legal services yesterday, but he didn’t explain why it was Coalition policy for 18 months

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Up in the air

The Abbott government and the renewable energy industry are 1,500 gigawatt hours away from an agreement on the RET...but Ian Macfarlane won't budge.

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Trying it on

Tony Abbott’s dubious record on travel entitlements, and political parties’ poor record on declaring donations, suggests the need for greater transparency and accountability

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The end of privacy?

This week, and possibly tonight, the Senate will pass legislation that authorises constant surveillance by the state of citizens’ electronic communications

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Island of terror

The Moss review ignores the real cause of the abuse on Nauru, because the government won’t go there

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Malcolm Fraser, 1930-2015

Malcolm Fraser passed away this morning after a brief illness. He was 84. The two periods of his political life – the first leading up to and including his prime ministership, the second covering the three decades since he was finally defeated by Bob …

The Politics

Fantasy land

Budget 2015 is shaping up to be Tony Abbott’s latest book of nonsense

The Politics

Press freedom or secret warrants?

Will Shorten Labor be able to secure protections for journalists, or will it vote for the government’s metadata bill anyway?

The Politics

Backflip, split, crash, burn

Tracking the progress of Christopher Pyne’s higher education reforms

The Politics

Whipping critics into line

The government’s new Whip brooks no dissent – inside or outside the party room


Taking victims seriously

An extract from ‘Crime and Punishment: Offenders and victims in a broken justice system’

The Politics

Not so united

Glenn Lazarus ends Clive Palmer’s influence and the Abbott government’s chances of passing anything contentious

The Politics

Super zombie

Joe Hockey’s revival of an idea that died 22 years ago shows the government’s thinking about the budget hasn’t changed

The Politics

Lifestyle choice

Tony Abbott obliterates international law – and 227 years of Australian history – with one phrase

The Politics

In breach

Tony Abbott wants the UN to stop lecturing Australia about human rights