Robert Manne

Robert Manne
Robert Manne is emeritus professor of politics and vice-chancellor’s fellow at La Trobe University. His most recent books are The Mind of the Islamic State and On Borrowed Time.

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The Rudd essay & the global financial crisis (Part I)



Neo-Liberal meltdown


The response to the Prime Minister’s essay

What is Rudd’s agenda?


Before he became the Labor leader in late 2006, I held in my mind three wildly contradictory images of Kevin Rudd. In the first - derived from the memorably scurrilous portrait in The Latham Diaries - Rudd was a media-obsessed, vaultingly ambitious, duplicitous …

Apologetics and Hypocrisy

Australian media

An Exchange on Australian anticommunism and the Indonesian massacre of 1965-6 between Gerard Henderson and Robert Manne

Hotting up


During the past several weeks I have been reading, with a racing pulse, some recent literature on global warming while watching, with a sinking heart, the political skirmishes connected to the introduction of the Rudd government's emissions-trading scheme. …

The Stolen Generations

Stolen Generations

A documentary collection

Keith Windschuttle and Robert Edgerton: a comparison of texts

Robert Manne

In November 2002 Keith Windschuttle published The Fabrication of Aboriginal History, volume one: Van Diemen's Land: 1803-1847. The publication was instantly greeted as a major cultural event almost entirely because of the accusation raised by …

Agent of influence


Reassessing Wilfred Burchett

Wilfred Burchett booklist

Wilfred Burchett

Tom Heenan, From Traveller to Traitor: The Life of Wilfred Burchett(Melbourne University Publishing, 2006)George Burchett & Nick Shimmin, eds, Memoirs of a Rebel Journalist: The Autobiography of Wilfred Burchett(University of New …