Robert Manne

Robert Manne
Robert Manne is emeritus professor of politics and vice-chancellor’s fellow at La Trobe University. His most recent books are The Mind of the Islamic State and On Borrowed Time.

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View of Steels Creek from kitchen window, February 2009 © Daniel Cleaveley/Wikimedia Commons

Why we weren’t warned


The Victorian bushfires and the royal commission

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.

The return of deficit economics


The Labor government of James Scullin was elected in October 1929, the month of the Wall Street crash, which history regards as the beginning of the Great Depression. In November 2007, the Labor government of Kevin Rudd was elected ten months before the …

The Rudd essay & the global financial crisis (Part I)



Neo-Liberal meltdown


The response to the Prime Minister’s essay

What is Rudd’s agenda?


Before he became the Labor leader in late 2006, I held in my mind three wildly contradictory images of Kevin Rudd. In the first - derived from the memorably scurrilous portrait in The Latham Diaries - Rudd was a media-obsessed, vaultingly ambitious, duplicitous …

Apologetics and Hypocrisy

Australian media

An Exchange on Australian anticommunism and the Indonesian massacre of 1965-6 between Gerard Henderson and Robert Manne

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.

Hotting up


During the past several weeks I have been reading, with a racing pulse, some recent literature on global warming while watching, with a sinking heart, the political skirmishes connected to the introduction of the Rudd government's emissions-trading scheme. …

The Stolen Generations

Stolen Generations

A documentary collection

Keith Windschuttle and Robert Edgerton: a comparison of texts

Robert Manne

In November 2002 Keith Windschuttle published The Fabrication of Aboriginal History, volume one: Van Diemen's Land: 1803-1847. The publication was instantly greeted as a major cultural event almost entirely because of the accusation raised by …