Robert Drewe

Robert Drewe writes novels, short stories, memoir and essays. His latest novel is Whipbird.

Articles by this author

Image of Harvey Weinstein
Robyn Davidson’s ‘Tracks’ vs Harvey Weinstein
Notes from the studio
It was 1993 and the filmmaker Ray Lawrence, director of Bliss and Lantana, and I were busy writing unsuccessful screenplays together in a one-room office in Glebe, Sydney. Our...
China since the other Malcolm
The bathplug dilemma
The first time I visited China, my accommodation was at the Minzu Friendship Guesthouse. The friendship offered there back in 1976 was rather austere. Mao’s China did not provide...
A dinner date with Billy Snedden
Another speaker
There was once a speaker of the Australian parliament who loved to travel overseas, and who especially enjoyed the sensual benefits that taxpayer-provided travel could deliver...
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
The secret lives of ants
Will to live
I spent this summer in the sultry subtropical setting of what seemed like a jungle waterhole. In the beginning I merely floated there dazedly, doped up on painkillers, admiring...