Richard Flanagan

Richard Flanagan is the author of The Sound of One Hand Clapping, Gould’s Book of Fish and the Man Booker prize-winning The Narrow Road to the Deep North.

Articles by this author

Image of Nauru
Richard Flanagan delivers the inaugural Boisbouvier Lecture
Does writing matter?
Every day we hear grim and grimmer news that suggests we are passing through the winter of the world. Everywhere man is tormented, the globe reels from multitudes of suffering and...
David Walsh. © Matthew Newton / Newspix
At home with David Walsh
The gambler
David Walsh first made global headlines in 2009, when he gambled on the life of Christian Boltanski, a French artist whose installations focus on death. Walsh was a mysterious...
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Life goes on after Black Saturday
The road to Kinglake
“They call it fire freeze,” she said. I looked up at the tree branches bowed and twig ends extended, the leaves forced horizontal as though a great gale is blowing. Yet the air...
Writing ‘The Unknown Terrorist’
Politics, writing, love
I met David Hicks not long before he was released from Guantanamo Bay. He was drinking Makers Mark bourbon in a bar in Greenwood, a fading town in the Mississippi Delta. He was...
Tasmania, Styx Valley, January 2001. © T Taylor/Wikimedia Commons
The tragedy of Tasmania’s forests
Out of control
This story begins with a Tasmanian man fern (Dicksonia antarctica) for sale in a London nursery. Along with the healthy price tag, some £160, is a note: "This tree fern has been...